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  1. 1LE McQueen

    Abigail Disney Calls Out Iger Over Employee Wages

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/i-was-so-livid-disney-heiress-visits-theme-park-undercover-to-see-worker-conditions-093000722.html As an heiress to the Disney fortune, anything Abigail Disney says about the brand beloved by millions worldwide garners attention. And she’s calling out Walt Disney Co...
  2. 1LE McQueen

    Does TDA Consult The Forums.. At All?

    Probably a stupid question, because I haven't seen it yet.. but has there been an instance of TDA consulting the Disneyland Sub-forum on WDWMagic, either for purposes of testing the waters of an idea, or to gather opinions perhaps regarding other things? My memory may serve foggy, but I do...
  3. 1LE McQueen

    What's with the wait times!? (hint.. they're low)

    Splash is 10, Pirates 10, Haunted 13, Space 30, Matterhorn 30... Millennium Falcon 45!? I thought the crowds were supposed to be monstrous, even with the SWGE reservation program.
  4. 1LE McQueen

    News Bird attack at Disney World leaves woman with traumatic brain injury

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/bird-attack-disney-world-leaves-075008575.html https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/disney-world-bird-attack-brain-injury-lawsuit-orlando-florida-a8934321.html A woman suffered severe brain injuries after she was attacked by a bird at Disney World...
  5. 1LE McQueen

    Europa Park (EPCOT in Germany?)

    From the video: "Europa-Park does Disney better than Disney" Has anybody been here before? How does it compare to WDW / EPCOT? This is the first i'm hearing of it - and really, i'm wondering why, seeing how cool it looks.
  6. 1LE McQueen

    Disneyland to get larger Marvel presence according to Disney CEO

    So Mr. Iger, have you given serious thought to Baby Groot's House of Fun? Careful what you wish for. A refreshed Tomorrowland could end up being Marvel Land 2.0.. https://comicbook.com/marvel/amp/2019/05/08/disneyland-to-see-larger-marvel-presence-theme-park/ There's no denying that the...
  7. 1LE McQueen

    American flag design on Laguna Beach police cars causes both 'panic' and pride

    https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/american-flag-design-laguna-beach-police-cars-causes-panic-pride-104855538.html The city council of Laguna Beach, Calif. is reconsidering the design recently implemented on its new police vehicles — a prominent American flag graphic — after some community...
  8. 1LE McQueen

    DHS Trolley.. Would You Approve or Oppose?

    There are many things to love about DHS, just as there are many things to love about Buena Vista Street over at DCA. I'd argue that one of the "cooler" parts of DCA is its streetcar. So I wonder why DHS doesn't have a Trolley system as well? After a little bit of thinking I was able to come up...
  9. 1LE McQueen

    Main Demographic For DCA?

    Many of you all, myself included, have been pretty hard on the post-Chapek era DCA. Personal opinions aside - has the main demographic for DCA been completely revamped? Let's take a look at Disneyland. Tons of things have changed but the overall feel is still there. Mainstreet "Tomorrowland"...
  10. 1LE McQueen

    Animal Kingdom Needs Attention

    I know, I know.. this post is surely going to ruffle some feathers, pardon my pun. Animal Kingdom NEEDS attention and is currently the weakest of the 4 parks. Wait! Before you curse my name and type away every reason as to why i'm wrong, hear me out.. EPCOT is currently slated to get all this...
  11. 1LE McQueen

    "Why Walt Disney World's Tower Of Terror Could Be In Trouble Because Of The New Twilight Zone"

    https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2467349/why-walt-disney-worlds-tower-of-terror-could-be-in-trouble-because-of-the-new-twilight-zone This week, we got a new look at Jordan Peele's take on the classic TV series The Twilight Zone. The only place the Twilight Zone name has been regularly seen over...
  12. 1LE McQueen

    California High Speed Rail

    I thought I would create a thread about this, seeing that the drama is seemingly never ending. So it's no secret that the California High Speed Rail project has been plagued with problems and expensive estimates. See CNN's video back in 2012 Now, in a move that media outlets are talking...
  13. 1LE McQueen

    Visited WDW! From a DL veterans perspective (Food & Attraction comments - a detailed analysis)

    I was going to write a trip report, but last week was too eventful and I'm afraid it's all going to take away from the fun we had at the parks. We had issues with our first Uber ride, trying to fly back home from MCO (had to stay an extra day, unplanned), our hotel Coronado Springs (Which i'll...
  14. 1LE McQueen

    MCO Is currently a nightmare

    FYI for anyone traveling this weekend. There was some sort of crisis here and our flights back home for today were cancelled, twice.
  15. 1LE McQueen

    Disneyland Refurbishment Schedule 2019

    Not sure if anyone's posted this yet, so I apologize if it's somewhere else. https://www.undercovertourist.com/blog/disneyland-refurbishments-closings/ Disneyland Park Refurbishments Astro Orbitor CLOSED Jan. 7, 2019-TBD Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough* CLOSED Jan. 17, 2019-TBD Fantasmic...
  16. 1LE McQueen

    Is Park Hopper Worth the Extra Cost?

    Short and simple; seeing that the parks are open for only 11 - 12 hours a day, if you're trying to maximize your time is it worth the extra cost to buy a park hopper ticket(s)? What do you normally do when you visit?
  17. 1LE McQueen

    Refurbishment Schedule - How Far In Advance Do They Announce? Possible Concern.

    Is there a rhyme or reason as to how Disney announces refurbishments prior to when they're going to be done? I have a Disney trip schedule Jan 27th to Feb 2nd. One of my FP+ reservations were for Kali River Rapids. I had received an email from Disney on Dec 11th saying that there was an...
  18. 1LE McQueen

    News Bobby Mouse needs his cut.. (Price Increase)

    https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-disneyland-prices-increase-20190106-story.html Only months before the opening of its $1-billion Star Wars expansion, the Disneyland Resort announced price increases of up to 25% for daily tickets, annual passes and parking. The increases, which took effect...
  19. 1LE McQueen

    News Sleeping Beauty's Castle to be refurbished

    According to the site that shall not be named, Sleeping Beauty's Castle will be undergoing a refurbishment to re-roof the structure. According to the article, it's scheduled to start on Jan 7th and last until Spring. They're also reporting that the castle walk-through will be temporarily closed...
  20. 1LE McQueen

    Well-Hidden Attraction / Park Features

    In light of seeing yet another well-hidden feature in a Disneyland ride, I thought it would be appropriate to start a thread to collaborate with all of my fellow Disney freaks. Let's share some secrets that only a handful of people actually know.. Did you know? -In Haunted Mansion's cupola...
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