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  1. NateD1226

    Live-Action ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’

    Here we go again... ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Director Marc Webb In Talks To Direct Live-Action ‘Snow White’
  2. NateD1226

    Hercules Live-Action Movie

    Not confirmed, but I wouldn't mind seeing this.
  3. NateD1226

    Rumor New Parade: Magic Happens

    Someone on Rat Chat is saying that in 2020, Soundsational will be replaced with a new parade called Magic Happens (title still being worked on). Here are some of the details: It's a day parade for Disneyland to replace Soundsational, set to open less than a year from now for 2020. The working...
  4. NateD1226

    Permits Filed for Demolition of Adventureland Sign at Disneyland Park (Will be Rebuilt)

    Disney – Adventureland – Demo existing marquee and install new with footings and sign. Edit: There are threads that talk about this. Oh well...
  5. NateD1226

    The Disney Live Action Remake Thread!

    It seems like a lot of people have much to say about all the Disney live action movies/remakes. Since we shouldn't go off topic in other threads, we can discuss in this thread. This is NOT a place to post news about a live action movie. The news can go into its DEDICATED thread! Let's get...
  6. NateD1226

    Fantasyland Imagination

    Code Name: Cinderella's Juice Box Day 1 7:49 PM PST March 27th, 2019 As I am typing this, imagination is flowing through my head for a ride that will make Disneyland Resort even more magical. The question is, what might a ride that I make stand out from others? As I have only been doing this...
  7. NateD1226

    Unpopular Opinions: DLR Edition

    Here are mine: -Goofy's Sky School is a decent ride -The Little Mermaid ride is awful in every way -Mickey and the Magical Map is a great show -Mickey's Mix Magic is actually not bad -Snow White is a fun ride -Dole Whips are not worth standing in a 20 minute line. -Jungle Cruise is boring...
  8. NateD1226

    Dora and the Lost City of Gold

    I can't wait to see this flop since nobody asked for this movie lmao.
  9. NateD1226

    Things that need fixing at DLR/DCA

    I am just going to leave this picture here and let you all answer seriously and humorously. ;) Credit to @dlnt on Twitter
  10. NateD1226

    What should happen to Winnie the Pooh?

    I would love to see Pooh get upgrades, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it go. What do y’all think??
  11. NateD1226

    ‘Moana’ Follow-Up Movie Set To Feature Disney’s First Latina Princess Reportedly In The Works

    I am honestly so confused on how this will work haha https://thedisinsider.com/2019/01/23/moana-sequel-set-to-feature-disneys-first-latina-princess-reportedly-in-the-works/
  12. NateD1226

    Mary Poppins 3 is in the works

    I have mixed feelings... https://thedisinsider.com/2019/01/10/mary-poppins-returns-sequel-in-the-works/
  13. NateD1226

    Best and Worst Queues in DLR/ DCA

    I was really loving/hating some of the queues that I saw in the parks! Rodger Rabbit's queue was great and I love to experience it everytime I ride it. But Small World's queue was terrible. So many twists and turns and has no fun elements and decoration at all. What do you think are the best and...
  14. NateD1226

    Marvel Studios Developing Asian Superhero Film ‘Shang-Chi’

  15. NateD1226

    Time For A Disney Overhaul: Villain Takeover

    Time for a Disney Overhaul Villain Takeover Be prepared for the tasks you will encounter here in Disneyland Anaheim and Disney California Adventure. Villains have taken over the parks right before the parks huge rush month… DECEMBER. The villains have taken over many lands and plan to take...
  16. NateD1226

    Two New “Disneyland After Dark” Events to Be Announced Soon

    Blog Mickey has stated
  17. NateD1226

    D23 Disneyland/DCA Predictions!

    This is the thread of what might be announced for Disneyland/DCA at D23! Leave your predictions or what you might want to be announced at D23! My predictions: TomorrowLand Overhaul Marvel Land rides/update Mr. Toad replacement (I doubt this will happen but it needs to go) M&MRR annoucment...
  18. NateD1226

    Upcoming Confirmed/Rumored Movie Timeline!

    I am taking the tracker to the Animation forum with movies! I was inspired by @MisterPenguin and @BasiltheBatLord for working and creating these timelines! The websites and information on here may not be that credible but they are just rumors. I will add and remove movies as the days go on...
  19. NateD1226

    Time For A Disney Overhaul Season 2 Trailers

    Something is swirling into Disneyland Anaheim Teaser Trailer today at @4:00 PST
  20. NateD1226

    New Fastpass Scanners

    There are new Fastpass scanners! (https://*****.com/2018/09/photos-disneyland-introduces-new-fastpass-scanners-that-combat-sunshine/)
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