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    Explaining the Magic Band system to someone

    Later this week, I'm going to be arriving at WDW with some extended family that has never been. One of them is extremely paranoid about Big Brother and being tracked and all that. What do y'all think the best way to explain to him about the long-range readers and what they do, like automatically...
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    Needing moderator approval suddenly

    Starting just recently, when I would post a comment on a post, sometimes I would get a notification on the comment that it was invisible awaiting moderator approval, but not on all comments. Can someone tell me why this might be happening?
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    Exact availability of FastPasses

    So, as I currently understand it, I can make FastPasses 60 days out from our trip to WDW in December, but at what time can I actually make the FastPasses? Can I make them at 12:01 AM? Is it 8:01 AM? I know that this may sound completely odd but I want to make absolutely sure that I can get...
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    FastPasses at 60 days

    I haven't bought our park tickets yet. I am waiting until we get closer to our trip in December. My question is, can I still book our FastPasses at 60 days without having our annual passes linked to our account? If I can't, can I buy the annual passes now, and link them to the account but not...
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    MDE has one person twice

    Maybe someone can help me. For the last trip or two, making FastPasses has been extremely confusing. For some reason, on our account, it has my mom on there twice, and when we try to make FastPasses, it takes extra time because we go through the battle of trying to figure out which one is linked...
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    Replacement to the Mark VI Monorail?

    I have found threads talking about how the Mark VI monorails are always breaking down and need to be replaced but none talking about them actually being replaced. I found a clip posted by Mickey Views in late April, which seems to be a fairly reputable WDW news outlet, with a clip from Bob Gurr...
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