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  1. Phrubruh

    The Death of Nighttime Entertainment

    Currently Knotts is running their Summer Nights concerts and food party. They have multiple bands playing all of the park, streetmosphere characters and food tasting cards. Employees brought out large versions of outdoor games like golf, bean bag toss, checkers, connect four. All the games are...
  2. Phrubruh

    Disney Flash Gordon

    Looks like Disney is going to be making their own version of Flesh Flash Gordon.... https://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/taika-waititi-attached-to-disney-animated-adaptation-of-flash-gordon-176275.html
  3. Phrubruh

    Official Galaxy's Edge - Force ability list

    So does anyone know of any of the cool things that can be done with Disneyland App regarding making things happen in GE? I know the build a droids react to things going on in the area like being afraid when Klyo Ren walks by but has anyone tried to make something happen? Has anything been "hacked"?
  4. Phrubruh

    Stupid guest behavior at theme parks

    Last night I was at Knotts and I saw kids climb to the top of this rock formation in Camp Snoopy. One kid actually did a dance up there and jumped up and down. Two employees with walkies talkies came running and took the kids away. No parents in sight. It's not hard to climb up there. There use...
  5. Phrubruh

    Terminator: Dark Fate

    Yet another Terminator movie but this time distributed by Disney! This one will star Linda Hamilton and Arnold. The film is scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures in North America and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures outside of North America on November 1, 2019. Hey Bob, when are we...
  6. Phrubruh

    Space Mountain and other chicken exit doors

    Ever push open the doors in the Space Mountain queue? There is one to the right of the loading area (airlock 2) that seems to go into an office. How does airlock 3 get to the exit? Does airlock 4 open?
  7. Phrubruh

    Lincoln watch

    Just a thread to update the status of Lincoln returning to the Main Street Opera House. Is the Dumbo preview over? When will it be over? Has Lincoln returned? Is Lincoln now known as Hondo?
  8. Phrubruh

    DLR becomes smoke free May 1st

    SMOKING: Disneyland and California Adventure currently each have one designated smoking area. Those areas will be eliminated and smoking will only be allowed outside the secure areas of the Esplanade. That essentially will make Disneyland a smoke-free resort as of May 1...
  9. Phrubruh

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    I think we could use a thread on America's first theme park Knott’s Berry Farm. So much of Disneyland was influenced by Walter Knott's Park and Walt Disney was good friends with Walter Knott. Knotts will be celebrating its 100 year birthday next year, so let's start talking about the park.
  10. Phrubruh

    Are you a Monkey or a Wild Animal?

    When you ride the Casey Jr Circus Train, what compartment do you sit in?
  11. Phrubruh

    The Tomorrowland we should have gotten

    The Disney and More blog has a great article about Shanghai Disneyland's Tomorrowland and some concept art for Disneyland's Tomorrowland. Here are some shots of how WDI could give us a Tomorrowland that is truly amazing...
  12. Phrubruh

    DLR orientation - what to expect?

    My son starts his orientation day at Disneyland next week. He's in ride ops. What can he expect that day? How long does it take?
  13. Phrubruh

    Line jumpers

    One of the biggest problems facing Disneyland is line jumping and cast members never do anything about it. I'm routinely passed by huge groups of people while I wait an hour for Space Mountain. Guests have to put up a fight to keep others from line jumping in order to get a cast member to do...
  14. Phrubruh

    DLR GIF thread

    Post animated gifs of the resort.
  15. Phrubruh

    Which Disney hotel has the better pool?

    A hotel is often judged by it's pool. Which Disneyland Resort hotel has the better pool? Disneyland Hotel Grand Californian Hotel Paradise Pier Hotel
  16. Phrubruh

    Does your spouse know?

    When you buy a new piece for your Disney collection, does your spouse know about it? Is your spouse good with the item or just think its a waste of money?
  17. Phrubruh

    Disneyland or Magic Kingdom - Merchandise?

    Which park has better merchandise?
  18. Phrubruh

    How are Chinese tourists treating SDL?

    Back before Shanghai Disneyland opened, the internet had pictures of people trampling plants, carving their name in light poles and pooping in public. Has this problem been taken care of two years later? How is the current state of the park?
  19. Phrubruh

    Toy Story Land vs Pixar Pier shootout

    Which Pixar land is better?
  20. Phrubruh

    Visited Doc Brown's house

    Just got back from visiting the Gamble House in Pasadena. This is where the external shots of Doc Brown's house from BTTF2 were filmed. This was part of the Museums of the ARROYO day. It was free day at six museums along the Arroyo. We got a self guided tour of the 1908 Arts & Crafts style...
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