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  1. yankspy

    Osborne Lights help

    There are a few sections of the show where it seems like the lights are covered in some sort of see-through fabric or mesh. I am attempting to re-create this effect this year for my Outdoor decorations but I do not know what is used. Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about or know what...
  2. yankspy

    New HM movie trailer

    Never mind. I am dumb today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_LZ3qxDS9s&feature=related
  3. yankspy

    A boy's first trip: Pictures and video

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/34714768@N08/4045156523/ Sorry for URL, I seem to be having issues with Embedding. Anyway, I hope that works for everyone. Okay, so here it goes. The Players: Mom and Step dad. Big Sister and Bro-in law. My Wife and Son. and last...
  4. yankspy

    A few questions

    Now that I am less than a week away,:sohappy: I wanted to ask a few questions. 1. Bus vs. Car= I know that I will get various answers on this one, I am looking for a perspective from someone who traveled with a child. Normally I would not mind waiting or standing on a bus, but with the little...
  5. yankspy

    video test

  6. yankspy

    Happy Birthday Pumbas Nakasak

    For someone who always manages to make me laugh, have a Happy Birthday!!!
  7. yankspy

    IT'S a BOY!!!

    Hello all. I just wanted to let my friends know that my wife gave birth this morning. :sohappy: I'll give details later, I have to go back to the hospital for now. Here is a link to some pics. I just want to thank everyone that offered such kind words of encouragement over the last nine months...
  8. yankspy

    Ice Cream for a friend

    Well, someone I know had to cancel a trip recently so I thought I would start the type of thread that she usually starts to cheer her up a little. The subject is Ice Cream Homemade or store bought? Favorite flavor? Favorite brand? How do you like it, cone, bowl, shake etc? If cone...
  9. yankspy

    Monorail for sale?

    Holy carp. Look at the monorail car in the mouse surplus warehouse. Anyone know if this is actually for sale?
  10. yankspy

    Larry Dotson

    Hello all. I was wondering about something. I got a late Christmas gift and it is a print of the Haunted Mansion. The artist is Larry Dotson and apparently he has done a few different ones. I have never seen any of them and I am curious to know if anyone has any pictures or info on the other...
  11. yankspy

    Happy Birthday Marni1971!!!

    Happy Birthday Martin. Thanks for all your great tributes.
  12. yankspy

    Happy Halloween

    I just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone.
  13. yankspy

    Happy Birthday Vernonpush

    :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy: Have a great birthday. I guess I can't be obnoxious to you today.:animwink::D
  14. yankspy

    Happy Birthday, WDWMAGIC!!!

    Happy Birthday Steve. I would just like to thank you for all of the things that you do. BTW, could you fix the misspelled thread title for me:lol:
  15. yankspy

    New WDW fanatic is coming.

    I have not been on these boards as much as others but I feel like I have made some friends recently. I hope to meet some of you one day at WDW. To those of you who do not know my name it is Jimmy. I just wanted to share some great news. My wife is pregnant with our first and she is due March...
  16. yankspy

    Transportation Key

    I came across this sitting in a box of brochures I keep. It is a transportation key that tells you how to get around the many locations on property using WDW transportation. I apologize that it is somewhat small but I am sure if you save it you can enlarge it. It might be a nice thing to put in...
  17. yankspy

    Dole Whip vs. Strawberry Swirl.

    The title says it all. Which is better?
  18. yankspy

    New Disney Visa Promotion

    I just got something in the mail that said that from July 1st-September 30th Disney Visa will give 5x the reward dollars on dining, groceries, gas, and airlines. The 5x starts after $250.00 is charged each month. Anything over that earns 5x the dollars. There are some restrictions that are too...
  19. yankspy

    Extinct Shops

    I was just thinking about some of the extinct stores that I used to enjoy at WDW. I have to say that I miss the gourmet pantry in DTD and the house of magic on main street. So my question is, what extinct shops do you miss?:wave:
  20. yankspy

    Disney cruises in consumer affairs rogues gallery?

    I was just on the consumer affairs website looking for a company I am having problems with and I noticed that they have what they call a rogues gallery. I was surprised to see Disney cruises on this list. I have never had the pleasure of taking one so I am curious to know if that many people...
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