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  1. Willmark

    Wilderness Lodge Club Level?

    We are going back to WDW (despite my vote/ outvoted 3-1) this time staying at WL after staying at YC in December 2018. So with that out if the way the particulars: Going September 2020 for 10 days. Family of 4. 6th visit as a family. We park hop. Hit park in the morning then head back to the...
  2. Willmark

    The Libertarian Thread

    As is often the case @aw14 a have to repeat ourselves over and over again in the main thread, some of it spilled out into the Centrist thread too. But here is a place for those like us who follow Libertarian ideas. Of course this being an open thread and forum I give it one post tops before it...
  3. Willmark

    Yo Ho, Yo Ho, the Pirates Life for me

    Going to Disney is really more my wife's deal than mine, I just like not being at work and on vacation. So with that said I am a scale model builder and wargamer and during our last trip to WDW I really started paying attention to the architecture and the like around the park. One thing really...
  4. Willmark

    56 Days out for last stay for the foreseeable future

    As the title says 56 days to go for the last stay for quite some time. Reasons? Kids activities are getting really intense between scouts and sports and the fact we go while the school year is in session. To say nothing of the continual cost hikes which are really making us pause. I can get...
  5. Willmark

    Rare Earth? Plausible or not?

    (Mods: I posted this here as there seemed to be no other places for a topic of this nature. Please move as needed if you feel otherwise). First background: I'm NOT approaching this from a philosophic or religious matter; thats a different thread if someone wants to start it. I usually start...
  6. Willmark

    Disney, its all about "Opportunity Cost" as I like to call it

    NOTE: this thread is not in any way intended to be political. Here goes: Disney is all about "Opportunity Cost", in so much that "Opportunity Cost" largely speaks to time and to a lesser degree money. This isn't about the money aspect per se, because regardless of how much or little one spends...
  7. Willmark

    Deluxe Hotel, what are you really getting?

    So we're going to be staying at Yacht Club in December but this really got me thinking (i.e some of the posts in the International Gateway thread), just what are you getting for the increased cost? Location and prestige are about the only thing I can think of. Club Level doesn't really even...
  8. Willmark

    Yacht Club Room Type?

    Being a filthy member of the Patrician social strata, the family and I are staying at the Yacht Club in early December. * We currently have a Woods or Garden view room. For those that have stayed at YC is it worth it to upgrade? We don’t tend to spend a lot of time in the room... don’t see the...
  9. Willmark

    Trip Report May 2017 Stay at WDW

    For some reason I thought I had posted this, but here goes. 1st trip report, 4th stay overall: So here goes, my impressions from the last WDW trip. 4th time there with the family (the DW has been there 7 or 8). I never went as a kid in the 70/80s so I don’t have any memories to trample on “with...
  10. Willmark

    Hello all

    Greetings all. Long time lurker first time poster. Been to WDW four times most recently in May 2017. The DW is the bigger fan. Not that I dislike it but it's her "happy place". Kids are almost 13 for the DD and the DS turned 11 when we were down there a few weeks ago. I find myself in a...
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