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  1. boufa

    After wishes magic goes away fast

    This is a complete Disney failure. After wishes you and your kids get caught in a long, hot, tired, cattle drive. I am being touched in places I don't wsnt to discuss. My kid has been hit in the head with several backpacks, my group has been seperated, and right now I have list all desire...
  2. boufa

    What attractions do you like despite disliking the movie?

    In response to some of the Avatar shock and the people who think it is a bad idea because they don't like Avatar, I had a thought... What attractions based on a movie do you enjoy even though you have either no connection to the movie, or you actually don't like the movie. I'll start with the...
  3. boufa

    Moving old Dumbo, or buying a new Dumbo?

    I am sure that this has been discussed before, but I could not find a conclusive answer... (lots of guesses, but someone has to be inside enough to know the actual answer) Is the new Dumbo attraction 100% new, or 50% new. I know its going to be a dual dumbo. People seem to be assuming that...
  4. boufa

    Oct 2nd and the Princesses?

    So will they pull the princesses from the parks that day? It seems like an odd experience when there is an official Disney event being televised like this. Yes, I know it is pre-recorded, etc. But what about continuity. Would they even care. Might Rapunzel be the only one pulled for the...
  5. boufa

    Frontierland Shooting Arcade completely removed?

    I saw an update on another site that the Shooting Arcade had been completely demolished behind the scrim, and was being rebuilt from ground up. I was a little shocked by this, not in anger or sadness over some mistake by Disney, but that this detail seems to be reasonably major and has gone...
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