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  1. mariedarling

    Trip Report 4 day Trip / A Few Firsts --COMPLETED--

    I can't wait! this is my first trip report i am going to try to update during the day! Let's see how this goes! Who My Mom (Karen), My Daughter 9 months (Felicity) and me (holly) Stay Beach Club Firsts • Flower & Garden (for me - my mom went last year) • Staying @ BC • Going without my...
  2. mariedarling

    Disney with a 9 month old

    Did you take them on Pirates or Frozen Ever After? Haunted Mansion? This will be her second time to Disney (She went in October at 2 months) We didn't go on any rides with her then but i want to go on the slow rides this time but i am not sure about the ones with the small drops/loud like...
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