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  1. worldfanatic

    Was anyone in Disney first week of October?

    I visited 9/25 -10/7 this year. It got progressively busier as our vacation went on. It was very crowded by the time we left for home. I'm gonna try to stick with September-only visits from now on.
  2. worldfanatic

    Best Hotel Pool Slide?

    I really like Kidani's slide as well. Unfortunately while we were staying there last month, the wait to ride it was extra long because Jambo's pool was closed & everybody came over to Kidani to swim. I did ride it once right at opening though.
  3. worldfanatic

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    I think the one you're noticing is the smaller one closer to the buildings. There's a larger zero-entry one being built closer to the lake.
  4. worldfanatic

    Best Hotel Pool Slide?

    I really like the Bay Lake Tower pool. It's unique in that it's situated in a position where it gets alot of afternoon shade from the tower itself. Some people don't like that, but I love it because I tend to go when it's extremely hot (usually September), and the cool shade feels great. It...
  5. worldfanatic

    Best Hotel Pool Slide?

    I've been on every slide on WDW property except the the Shipwreck one at Stormalong Bay. (which ironically might be the best?) My 2 favorites are the one at Bay Lake Tower for pure speed, and the Keister Coaster for it's speed and change of direction at the end (clockwise to counter-clockwise).
  6. worldfanatic

    Who else is thinking about waiting until 2020 or so to go back to the World?

    HaHa. First you make a ridiculous post. Then you follow it up with another one and a picture of a motorcycle. Man........World Traveler ......you're so cool.
  7. worldfanatic

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    Sad for me. Custom House at Caribbean Beach was my 1st place to set foot on WDW property. OK, I'm over it. Can't wait to stay at Riviera in 2020.
  8. worldfanatic

    Thrilling review of Saratoga Springs!

    SSR has it's negatives. But staying in the Congress Park section a couple trips ago had a pretty amazing positive as well - being able able to leave your room and walk to Disney Springs within 6-7 minutes. Some may not appreciate Disney Springs like me, but I absolutely love the restaurant &...
  9. worldfanatic

    What is "it" that brings you back to WDW?

    I love that Walt Disney World is so large with so many things to do & places to go. The buses, boats, monorails & cars going in all directions just fascinate me. It's a city, but a magical city were almost everybody is content & looking forward to what's next. Of course I love the Parks, but...
  10. worldfanatic

    Who else is thinking about waiting until 2020 or so to go back to the World?

    I've gone 3 years in a row, but will stay away in 2019. (mostly to prove to my Wife that it's possible for me) That said, I'm already starting to plan a September visit in 2020, and partially planning a 2021 visit for WDW's 50th. I'm lucky to live 95 miles from Disneyland, so you can be sure...
  11. worldfanatic

    Angels tell Anaheim they're opting out of their lease on Angel Stadium

    As a long-term die-hard Angel fan, I'm not sweating this at all. Either they remain in Anaheim (probable), or end up in a new stadium somewhere else in So Cal. No worries. Nothing can rain on my parade after they finally got rid of their chronically underachieving manager 16 years after their...
  12. worldfanatic

    (VIDEO) Eating at - The Polite Pig - Disney Springs

    The Wife and I both loved our recent meals at The Polite Pig.
  13. worldfanatic

    Can I use 1 magic band for split stay?

    I stayed at 4 different resorts during my recent trip. So I had 4 different colored MagicBands to make fashion statements with. Obviously......fashion not my strong point.
  14. worldfanatic

    News City Works Eatery and Pour House coming to Disney Springs in 2019

    Any place to watch sports and drink beer at Disney Springs get a major thumbs up from me!
  15. worldfanatic

    Old Key West - Should we or shouldn't we?

    That's great! We did that once before, but the other way around. WDW before Key West. Have Fun!
  16. worldfanatic

    Old Key West - Should we or shouldn't we?

    No, the renovations haven't gotten to the Miller's Road area yet. We decided we'd rather have that area instead of a newly renovated room. We did meet a couple at the Gurgling Suitcase that were staying in a newly renovated room in the Turtle Pond area. They showed us pictures of the changes...
  17. worldfanatic

    Old Key West - Should we or shouldn't we?

    I've always loved Old Key West. But after this trip just completed, where I also stayed at Boardwalk, Animal Kingdom Lodge & All-Star Music, I really think it's my favorite place to stay in WDW. (I'm always debating which Resort I like best) We stayed in the Miller's Road area, and between the...
  18. worldfanatic

    Thoughts - Just Returned

    Yes, I certainly understand that is the case. I never try to judge who really needs a scooter or not.(actually that's a lie, I do, but I don't say anything or give dirty looks) However I can pretty much guarantee there are people who are using scooters that really shouldn't. The huge increase...
  19. worldfanatic

    Thoughts - Just Returned

    Personally I do believe some do this. I've seen more than a few riding the scooters who seem to move pretty good when they get off them. It's it's not a majority, but there definitely are some lazy, selfish jerks abusing the system. The the ease of scooter rental has definitely led to this problem.
  20. worldfanatic

    Trip Report JenniferS is live - 9/3 - 9/16

    I am indeed. Been here 2 nights, 10 to go. I generally come earlier in September and thought perhaps late September/early October would give me some cooler temperatures. WRONG!!!! BLAZING HOT & HUMID HERE !!!! But it's all good. I'm still at Disney World, my favorite place on the Planet!
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