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  1. Tavernacle12

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Generally speaking if someone starts complaining about ‘Disney Star Wars’ or the Last Jedi and starts spouting off all encompassing ‘facts’ with no evidence to support their claim you can go ahead and ignore everything they say. They may as well have gotten inside info from a bus driver. If...
  2. Tavernacle12

    Rumor Country Bear Jamboree to be Replaced by Toy Story Show?

    If I had to choose one of Carousel/Tiki/Bears to lose I’d choose Bears (until reminded only Tiki still exists in Land and then I’d change my mind). They need to cool it with Toy Story. The movies are incredible but it’s so oversaturated as an IP I can barely stand it anymore. I like Astro...
  3. Tavernacle12

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I think: A. They might be saving the newer cast for the Resistance ride’s premiere since they’re a part of it. B. The old cast lives much closer to Anaheim so getting them there for a quick PR thing would be easier.
  4. Tavernacle12

    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    Anyone know enough about the inner workings of Mansion to know which animatronics the clothes were stolen from? Also after reading the police report, he took geotagged pictures of everything he stole and pictures of himself and his friends wearing it. He is the dumbest criminal.
  5. Tavernacle12

    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    The most interesting thing about this (besides them finally arresting the guy) is that apparently there were other animatronics stolen besides Buzzy? I heard rumors about the dancers in the first scene of GMR being stolen, but those I'm not sure qualify as animatronics. Also, those Haunted...
  6. Tavernacle12

    Rumor Inside Out to Replace Journey into Imagination with Figment?

    I would think they’d want Figment in Imagination no matter what, the extent would be the bigger issue. He’s easy to fit into Inside Out, for example. I don’t think the backlash would be worth it otherwise. Like, I’m sure to a large extent they don’t care, but are they really gonna spend millions...
  7. Tavernacle12

    Smoking areas GONE starting may 1st Pinned so people can still see the announcement.

    These changes fill me with a level of joy I haven’t felt for Disney for a long time. Positive changes for the common good that don’t in any way increase profits? How rare a day it is!
  8. Tavernacle12

    News Guardians of the Galaxy attraction confirmed for Epcot

    I guess. I’m more concerned about IllumiNations’ replacement. If it was getting a true successor I’d feel better about Guardians, if you wanted to swap the two in the question, and by virtue the rest of things.
  9. Tavernacle12

    News 'Awesome Planet' coming to The Land pavilion

    So long as the green house portions of LwtL stay I can live with the rest being altered. I adore that ride but some parts (especially the random barn theater in the middle) do need a refresh. I'm excited for this new movie, though. I wish it was put in earlier so I could have seen it before the...
  10. Tavernacle12

    What do you think is the most complicated attraction at WDW?

    Is there an automatic emergency stop on the Monorail?
  11. Tavernacle12

    What do you think is the most complicated attraction at WDW?

    I feel like I’ve never seen Small World with every effect working, so while it’s likely not complicated insofar as the ride mechanism ‘working’ it is complicated insofar as being at 100% effects wise considering all the little things going on.
  12. Tavernacle12

    News New Play Pavilion to replace Epcot's Wonders of Life

    They both thematically fit the opposite lands better (Tomorrowland is already a hodgepodge and Tron could be the Digital Pavilion). I feel like stylistically the buildings could have been easier to integrate that way too.
  13. Tavernacle12

    Rumor Version of MaxPass coming to WDW in May?

    Hopefully if it’s truly that toxic they’ll walk back on it at least a little, I remember uproar over the initial FP+ roll out eventually led to system changes.
  14. Tavernacle12

    More offsite hotels to offer Extra Magic Hours and extended FastPass+ booking window

    If this causes people to book off site more, wouldn’t that incentivise Disney to lower hotel prices or offer additional perks to lure people back?
  15. Tavernacle12

    News Height requirements for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rides and details on FastPass+

    I imagine at launch it’ll suck people out of AK and Epcot at least. As people book specifically for it things will change, but by how much is going to depend on if it’s regulars or lapsed people booking trips now that they have dates or if it’s newbies specifically coming to Star Wars. Are...
  16. Tavernacle12

    Animal Kingdom Needs Attention

    If AK got a few dark rides it’d be pretty perfect. It’s the best themed park, and what it does it does brilliantly, but I don’t miss it when I’m gone. It needs more oomph somewhere. Lion King and Jungle Book Classic-style dark rides and a plussing of Dinosaur to put it up there with Indy would...
  17. Tavernacle12

    Will Disney ever use the show buildings in Germany and Japan for rides?

    There was very very brief talk on these boards of Germany getting a Rapunzel ride but I forget if that was just speculation or not. I think Marni implied at one point Japan was being looked at, but they decided on something else.
  18. Tavernacle12

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    It seems weird they’d cut the TSR entirely considering it’d be booked solid for years. They should at least build the exterior so they can do construction inside without breaking the immersion later on when it’s safe to open again. I’m really curious how this all goes. Part of me hopes it’s...
  19. Tavernacle12

    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    I have no idea of what exactly is going to get replaced in the spine, but it seems a bit silly if these aren't included anywhere in the new design, since they seem to be a hit with pretty much everybody.
  20. Tavernacle12

    News IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced in 2019

    Which is doubly silly since I don't recall the reception of the Jungle Book version being much better. RoL is poorly paced and doesn't have spectacle to make up for it.
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