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  1. zakattack99

    AP Discount Questions

    A few questions regarding AP discounts. My brother lived in Florida and has since moved back. My wife and I have committed to going in Nov, we have invited my mother to go as well as my brother with the AP. He is now saying that he expects that the AP discounts for November will come out shortly...
  2. zakattack99

    Google Streetview now Live

    Google Streetviews of the parks, resorts, and a few other areas are now live on Google. I know that this has been rumored for a few years and it looks like it is now true. Sorry if this has been posted before. I check Disney Google maps almost everyday and this is the first I have seen it.
  3. zakattack99

    ADR Problem

    So I logged into MDE this morning to sure up some of my plans for our September trip and noticed something funny about my ADR at Rainforest Cafe. Instead of it being at AK it is now showing it at DS. So I double check my confirmation email and as I suspected it has me at the AK location. So I...
  4. zakattack99

    Shareholders Meeting 2016

    Shareholders meeting at 11am EST today, I know their is a audio link on thewaltdisneycompany.Com site but I belive that there was a video stream last year and will post that when I can find it.
  5. zakattack99

    Fastpass+ Party Eligible Date

    Ok so I am 71 days out from my Honeymoon and me and the Fiancee are looking to be making our FP+ reservations next week. I am concerned that the system does not recognize our reservations as it is not showing my Party Eligible Date on the calendar in the FP+ section of MDE. I have a new house...
  6. zakattack99

    Extended Stay Help!

    Ok so I had the plesent suprise last night when I found out that it is cheaper to fly out on a Monday and not Sunday night, that suprise was even more exciting when I discovered that it was still cheaper to stay an extra day in disney! And with that logic it did not take much convincing the...
  7. zakattack99

    Best Moderate for Disney Honeymoon

    Hello Gang! I am a LONG time lurker and now finally have the guts to post :happy:. Me and my fiancee have started planning our Disney Honeymoon. We would Love to stay at AKL but that just dose not seem to be in our price range even with a split stay :(. However I wanted to know pros and cons...
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