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  1. lisak09

    Dining Plan & Fantasmic Dining Package

    ADR day tomorrow! I was planning to book Hollywood Brown Derby as it's one of our favourites and remembered that it's one of the Fantasmic Dining Package options. Does anyone know if it's possible to do this on the Dining Plan & also Is it the full menu? Thanks:)
  2. lisak09

    Hogwarts Express Question

    We will be at Universal on Sunday, so excited! My daughter and I don't like roller coasters or anything with big drops so we will be giving Gringotts a miss. We're hoping to go on the Hogwarts Express and since our plan was to spend Sunday at Universal Studios I was thinking of heading to IOA...
  3. lisak09

    Same Fastpasses For Everyone in Your Party?

    Sorry if someone's already asked this, I looked but couldn't find it. I will be booking our fastpasses on Monday(yay!) and I'm wondering if the three of us have to have the same ones? For example could I book POTC and HM for all of us then Peter Pan for two of us and BTMR for DH?
  4. lisak09

    Miniature Golf in August?

    Hi everyone:) I would love to play Disney Miniature Golf during our next trip but as we're going in August i'm worried it will be unbearable in the heat! Are the courses completely out in the open or in the shade? It would probably have to be earlier in the day because of how our Adrs are...
  5. lisak09

    Birthday Button Question?

    Hi all, does anybody know if Universal give out Birthday Buttons like they do at WDW? We will we staying on International Drive from August 3rt to the 9th before moving to Saratoga Springs for 8 nights. My daughters birthday is on the 8th, we are planning on celebrating with a cake in the Turf...
  6. lisak09

    Preferred Fireworks Viewing?

    I usually book our trips through the U.S. WDW site but for our next trip in August i used the UK site (we're irish). As part of our package we get preferred fireworks viewing for Wishes & Illuminations! Im really excited about this and wondering if anyone can tell me how it works? Do we get to...
  7. lisak09

    TSM Fastpass/Ticket Question................

    We have basic magic your way tickets for our trip next month. My family are not early risers when on vacation except for myself but we all really want to go on TSM as we tried it for the first time last year and all really loved it:). So heres my plan, if I get up early and head to the park for...
  8. lisak09

    Any advice for coping with air sickness?

    Hi all, just wondering if anybody has any tips or advice for coping with air sickness. Anything that might help prevent it hopefully! Whilst flying from Dublin to Orlando last year my 10 yr old daughter was very sick despite having flown many times before(short haul and long haul) with no...
  9. lisak09

    Travelling between resorts........

    We will be staying at Wilderness Lodge in August and are thinking of booking a meal in the Contemporary. Using Disney transport, what would be the best way of getting to and from the Contemporary? In particular i'm wondering how difficult it will be going back to Wilderness Lodge if it's late in...
  10. lisak09

    Dining Plan Question

    We will be in WDW next August and have booked the Dining Plan. Our youngest daughter will be ten when we go so obviously she qualifies for the adult plan. However i dont think she will eat anything off the adult menu in some of the restaurants we're thinking of booking. There will be three other...
  11. lisak09

    Stacey K from Yak & Yeti

    Just want to say how fantastic our server Stacey was when we had our lunch at Yak & Yeti last week. Friendly & funny we all loved him, he made this one of our favourite meals of the trip. We are looking forward to going back next year and hope to see him again, thanks Stacey:)
  12. lisak09

    Ollivander's Expensive?

    My 8 yr old daughter has said she would like to buy a wand in Ollivander's when we visit this August. I'd like to get a rough idea of how much it might cost? Also can anyone tell me what the lines are like for Ollivander's lately? Thanks:wave:
  13. lisak09

    Forbidden Journey for an 8 yr old?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can tell me what kind of ride Forbidden Journey is, roller coaster, simulator etc?? My daughter has recently been watching the Harry Potter films and loving them so im thinking she might like this ride when we go in August. However she really doesn't like roller...
  14. lisak09

    Happy Saint Patricks Day!

    happy st patricks day to everyone:):):)
  15. lisak09

    CRT Characters?

    I just managed to book a table for dinner at CRT for our trip in August. It was a lot easier than i imagined after having read how hard it is to get a table here! I guess it's harder to get in for breakfast, i didn't even try for a breakfast ADR as my family aren't early risers when we're away...
  16. lisak09

    New York Guide Book??

    I am planning on taking my husband on a trip to New York in June to celebrate his 40th Birthday and i was wondering if anyone could suggest a good guide book? Im a fan of The Unofficial Guide to WDW so im kind of considering getting The Unofficial Guide to New York. Has anyone maybe read this or...
  17. lisak09

    Themeparkticketsdirect.com has ceased trading......

    I purchased Orlando Flextickets from themeparkticketsdirect.com on 5th of July. We leave for Orlando this Saturday. I rang the company on monday and was told the tickets would be dispatched later that day. I rang again this morning and was told i would receive them no later than half one...
  18. lisak09

    Which restaurant for Fantasmic! Dinner Package?

    We are thinking of booking the Fantasmic! Dinner Package, any advice on which restaurant to go for? There are six of us, three adults, one teenager & two children. The youngest child can be a fussy eater. Thanks for the help:)
  19. lisak09

    Magic Your Way Question

    Just wondering if i buy Magic Your Way tickets without the park hopper option can i still leave a park and return to that same park later in the day?
  20. lisak09

    Booked our trip today!

    It's official we're going to WDW:). Booked flights and hotels today. We'll be staying on International Drive from Aug 14 -Aug 21 then transferring to Pop Century on Aug 21 staying until Aug 28. So excited as usually we stay on International Drive for two weeks so this will be our first time...
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