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  1. Minnie1986

    Fast pass tier system

    Hey All! Is there a list of which attractions are in which tier? Want to make sure I’m not overlapping. It’s one tier 1 and two tier 2, correct? Thanks!
  2. Minnie1986

    Jersey week- what exactly did I get myself into?

    This fall, specifically the first week in November, I’ll be taking my little cousin to WDW. However, I’ve just realized that the reason he’s out of school that week is because he’s from NJ. On a scale of 1-oh lord no, how crazy should I anticipate it being? I’ve never had the pleasure of...
  3. Minnie1986

    All Star Sports preference selections

    Hey All, Since my cousin is obsessed with all things sports, we’ll be staying there for our upcoming trip this fall. Anyone have any advice for room preferences that I should request? Thanks!!!
  4. Minnie1986

    Ideas for my last TS credit?

    So I have the first six of my seven TS credits all booked up (thank you all for your help with this, btw). However, I've just realized that I have one more to use and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. It would be on a day that currently doesn't have anything else scheduled. Trying to...
  5. Minnie1986

    Flying saucers vs TSMM

    Hi everyone, Which, in your opinions would be a better use of a fast pass? Midway mania or the new swirling saucers? The person I’m going with is up for any type of ride, and I’ve only been on TSMM. Any thoughts?
  6. Minnie1986

    Teppan Edo at 6 or 7:30?

    Hi All. If i'm trying to see the World Showcase fireworks, would it be better to make an ADR at Teppan Edo at 6 or 730; assuming the show is at 9. Where, in relation to the fireworks is Teppan Edo? Thank you!
  7. Minnie1986

    Nine Dragons in epcot

    Has anyone been to Nine Dragons in Epcot? What did you think of the food? Are you able to see fireworks at all? I didn't even this restaurant exists, so anything you'd be willing to share would be great!
  8. Minnie1986

    Extra Extra Magic Hours- worth moving trip dates for?

    Hey All! I've just seen a post on another site stating that WDW will be opening Hollywood Studios at 6am from August 29-November 2. The catch is, November 2nd is the day that I arrive. Would it be worth it to move my arrival date up by one day to take advantage of this? Just looking for...
  9. Minnie1986

    Best Mexican at WDW

    My little cousin has specifically requested Mexican food be one of our table service meals but I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve had Mexican at WDW. Any recommendations? What are you guys’ favorites? TIA!!
  10. Minnie1986

    No FastPass for Star Wars?!

    I've just read on the WDW website that FastPass+ will not be available for Smuggler's Run in the new Star Wars land. Holy %$#!, How on earth are they going to manage that or are people supposed to plan? What are you guys planning to do? My head is spinning!
  11. Minnie1986

    Resort Restaurant Recommendations

    Hey all! I'm looking for recommendations for resort restaurants. One of the nights that I will be in WDW, we'd prefer not to use a ticket just for a dinner. My party will consist of my myself, my mother and a 9 yo. Now that I think about it, we've always stuck to dining inside the parks, so I am...
  12. Minnie1986

    November Park Hours?

    I've been hearing conflicting information as to when November park hours will be posted. I saw a post not too long ago about a website that gives pretty accurate predictions? Trying to plan my trip/ADRs/FP+'s accordingly. Of course, info will change as the dates get closer, but it'd be nice to...
  13. Minnie1986

    Do you need a park ticket for an ADR?

    Hello! One two of the days that I will be in WDW, someone will be joining us at an ADR. 1- Is this possible? 2- Do they need a park ticket or can they enter the park just to go to the restaurant?
  14. Minnie1986

    Anyone have a game plan for tackling ADRs in relation to the new Star Wars lands?

    Now that I'm all set with dates, etc., I have no idea how to plan my days since the Star Wars lands will be open (or at least one of them will) by the time we arrive. My cousin (9yo boy) will definitely want to check them out, but my major concern for now is how to plan my ADRs. My 180 day mark...
  15. Minnie1986

    Anyone book with a travel agent instead of through Disney?

    I’ve always booked my WDW vacations through a travel agent so that I can make payments, and they sometimes price match certain aspects of the trip. However, they now aren’t doing price matching and I’ve just been informed that you can pay in installments to Disney as well. Anyone have any tried...
  16. Minnie1986

    How early in the day can you make your dining reservations?

    Hello! My 180 day countdown starts on 4/29 and i was wondering if you can make your reservations as early as midnight or does it start later in the day? Thanks!
  17. Minnie1986

    Third person added. Will this affect FP+?

    Seems as if my mother has been bitten by the Disney bug and will be joining my cousin and I in the Fall. My cousin and I have five day park hoppers and will be going on all of the same rides. However, my mother only wants to go to HS and Animal Kingdom. Will this possibly affect the FP+...
  18. Minnie1986

    Should I start my reservation on 10/31 or 11/1?

    Hey all. I’m planning a trip that technically begins on 10/31; meaning that my flight leaves home on the night of the 31st, but lands just after 12am on the 1st. I’m about to make hotel reservations and am wondering if I should do so with a start date of 11/1, instead of 10/31. I’d hate to pay...
  19. Minnie1986

    Deciding on magic band colors

    What do you all do in terms of getting your next magic band? I already have my favorite color and am wondering if i should order another one in that color or whether i should collect a rainbow of colors? I’d love to get a character one but you can’t get those ahead of time, can you?
  20. Minnie1986

    Favorite WDW restaurants for kids

    Hey everyone! What are your kids’ favorite WDW restaurants? Taking my 9 yo cousin, who is thankfully not a picky eater, in the fall. However, the choices are seemingly endless and it’s starting to give me a headache lol. Chef Mickey is at the top of the list and Be Our Guest dinner is a must for...
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