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  1. wendysue

    Fall discount offer

    I saw the fall discount offers a bit ago and am on hold to see if I can modify Sept. trip to get the 10% off but will be a 60 min. wait on phone. When I look at WDW site, it has the discount listed for values as the same as full price. I guess a lot of people must be trying to do the same...
  2. wendysue

    adding park hopper

    Can I add park hopper to existing tickets when we get to resort?
  3. wendysue

    Continuous problems booking online

    Yesterday I tried repeatedly to find rooms at the values for Jan. 20 - Jan. 25, but it said that there were no rooms available. I used the chat to ask reservations and they said to try a different browser, as their computer showed all the values as available so I tried Google and MS with no...
  4. wendysue

    MDE experience

    I got on my Disney Experience today and it said Welcome Amber. I am NOT Amber, but it might have let me make changes for Amber and her 3 children, ages 10, 7 and 7. I exited out right away, so I don't really know if I could have gone further, but very concerning anyway. I got back in, and it...
  5. wendysue

    Passholder room only offer for All Star resorts in May

    Yesterday we received an offer that said it was for Select Passholders. I imagine that means all of them..:). The offer is $49 rooms at select All Star Resorts for either May 1-3 or May 8-10. We took the 8-10th at $59 for a preferred room, cause when do you EVER get a room for $59 at Disney?!
  6. wendysue

    Trip Report Just returned from Jan. 2017 trip

    We just spent a week at All Star Sports. Yikes! Won't do that again! This was the absolute noisiest resort I have ever stayed in. Between the young people partying all night and the maintenance/housekeeping vehicles racing past our door at all hours, we got very little sleep. I did call one...
  7. wendysue

    Pro Bowl 2017

    We will be at WDW the week of the Pro Bowl and wondering if someone might know when the Pro Bowl parade at MK would be. I am assuming it will be on Monday after the Pro Bowl? We are not going specifically FOR the Pro Bowl, just worked out that way, so may as well attend some of the...
  8. wendysue

    WHEW! Almost spent a bunch of money

    I was just sitting around the house yesterday after the grandkids had gone back home, when I got the urge to maybe book a WDW trip in November around my birthday. Luckily, the Disney site was down all afternoon and by then the urge had passed and sanity had sunk in. :eek: Wow, I almost spent...
  9. wendysue

    Rivers of Light

    I see that the Rivers of Light will be starting on Apr. 22. That's just a few days AFTER we leave. What are the chances that they might be testing or have a preview before that date????
  10. wendysue

    Surge pricing

    So, since Universal is going to what they call "surge pricing", or different prices according to days of the week, holidays, etc., how long do you think until Disney announces this? I would be willing to go on a weekday for less money...
  11. wendysue

    Phones in rooms at All Star resorts

    We got an offer in our email for 30% off Deluxe Jan. through June 7. Of course it would probably be 15% for values. When I looked at the pictures of the All Star resorts, I noticed no phones on the bed stands. Was that just for the pictures or do they not have phones in the rooms? If they...
  12. wendysue

    Funny thing happened after I cancelled our WDW trip...

    Last month I had to cancel our WDW trip due to a knee injury. Minor surgery and now healing well... Since then, we have received 2 pin codes for future trips. One is for the free dining in the fall, which I believe everyone gets, (except I think there was some extra dates attached to pin code)...
  13. wendysue

    Cheapest place to eat Thanksgiving dinner

    Wondering where to eat for Thanksgiving. We will be attending the Orlando Classic NCAA tourney at Wide World of Sports, so not sure what time we will do dinner. Won't be getting the dining plan, so would it just be better to go to DTD or walk to McDonald's?? :rolleyes:
  14. wendysue

    Bounceback watch

    Ok, everyone! I'm heading down there soon and am wondering if there have been any nice bouncebacks offered lately, or is it basically the same as the Visa discount that just came out? Am looking for Nov. - Dec. :)
  15. wendysue

    Disadvantages of AP?

    Am thinking of upgrading to AP during our upcoming trip as we would like to go in September also. Does anyone know of any disadvantages of having an AP? With and AP I don't need to book a package, but If I wanted to book a bounceback with free dining in Sept. if offered, I cannot do that...
  16. wendysue

    Can't wait for April

    Looking outside today and already have over 12 inches of snow....counting the days till April, but wish I would have booked for THIS week.
  17. wendysue

    Got a call from Disney today

    So, we just got back home last evening, and today I received a call from WDW. I had sent an email complimenting a gentleman named Percy, who happened to be our mousekeeper in the 50's section of Pop Century. He was awesome. Also, Janath in the pool area went above and beyond. Disney thanked...
  18. wendysue

    Trip Report A great week in spite of myself...

    Well, we return home to the frozen midwest tomorrow. I must say that I expected problems with Magic Bands, and FP+ but it went quite well. The Fast passes we could get, (which usually weren't what we wanted), worked just like they were supposed to with very minimal wait. We skipped a few...
  19. wendysue

    Kudos to the mousekeeper in our pool area

    We would like to give a big thank you to JANATH in the 50's bowling pin pool area and laundry. She does an awesome job there, considering that alot of people are just slobs and throw stuff everywhere... It was exceptionally clean and tidy.
  20. wendysue

    Great mousekeeper

    We are here at Pop Century this week, and I must give kudos to Percy in the 50's section. He is an awesome mousekeeper. Introduced himself to us and said to call for anything at all and he would take care of it.
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