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  1. BNImagineer

    Pre-Trip Music Suggestions for July TR Video

    Our last trip to WDW (July 2015) I made a family video for fun! I loved working with the GoPro and editing the video was really time consuming but very worthwhile! By watching other Disney family videos (boxsox2001, SeeYaReelSoon, and many many others) I finally was able to put together a family...
  2. BNImagineer

    Doing both HP Worlds in One Day. Advice?

    We are a family of 5, youngest is 13. We have one day to get BOTH HP worlds done. I heard its possible, but barely. We are going mid-May. Advice? What do we do first, and where do we start? Figured I would ask the experts! ;) I have heard it's worth it to buy Express Passes (Like Disney's Fast...
  3. BNImagineer

    Behlings Do Disney 2015

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx6QaaujtWI Alright I filmed this with go pro and, on occasion, my iphone 5. I would love feedback! I do a lot of photography but very little videography, so any constructive criticism would be great!
  4. BNImagineer

    Blue Sky Session

    If you don't already know Disney's Imaginations is a competition for prospective Imagineers who are Juniors and Seniors in college. It is a time for them to present and show off their abilities to a panel of Imagineers in a professional way! I'm only a senior in high school however I am hoping...
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