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  1. darrelljon

    'UK Disneyland' The London Resort, Paramount, 2024

    Local press report of 'UK Disneyland', The London Resort to open 2024. Some association with Paramount and talk of multi billions being invested https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/paramount-joins-uk-disneyland-theme-16496217
  2. darrelljon

    A Train to Animal Kingdom...a Monorail to DHS

    I know this is an old topic but since resort hotels introduced parking charges in 2018, the need is more pressing. A train system should be constructed to serve Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom Lodge, All-Star Resorts and Coronado Springs (the Animal Kingdom resort area). These large popular areas...
  3. darrelljon

    Rent a Deluxe Disney Vacation Club Villa without being a DVC member

    How do I book direct through Disney a DVC property, rather than renting points from members or through a broker when I am not a DVC member myself?
  4. darrelljon

    Floridays resort

    Anyone stayed at Floridays resort especially recently? How was it?
  5. darrelljon

    Disney World in 2071

    So 'won't be used' is a more carefully calculated prediction than company projections of 9.5m. The public pay for roads surrounding disney so no reason to keep disneyworld in the dark ages for its first century with no rail connection, unlike other disney properties worldwide.
  6. darrelljon

    Disney World in 2071

    9.5 million ridership annually is predicted for the Orlando high speed line to Disneyworld. By way of comparison of visitor numbers, MK gets 20m, AK and Epcot gets 12m, HS gets 10m.
  7. darrelljon

    Public libraries

    I searched and this didn't seemed to have been posted but are there any public libraries, either a library within Disneyworld or nearby.
  8. darrelljon

    What Do "Average Guests" Think About Each Park?

    And that's why the average person doesn't research these things otherwise businesses would never bother making the claims.
  9. darrelljon

    Disney World in 2071

    Maybe Disney could do away with parking lots for cars and build several train lines and cycle tracks to parks from off site hotel areas and the airport by 2071. I am still surprised not a single train line runs to Disneyworld in this day and age. Hong Kong has a line direct into Disney.
  10. darrelljon

    What Do "Average Guests" Think About Each Park?

    Does Universal Boulevard, kennedy space centre or Busch Gardens count?
  11. darrelljon

    Animal Kingdom overtakes Epcot

    Not sure if this has been posted before as figures from 2017 (published May 2018) show Animal Kingdom has for the first time overtaken Epcot attendance figures topping twelve million annually. The two Kingdom parks are now the most popular. Not sure if this reflects badly on Epcot? Or if people...
  12. darrelljon

    What Do "Average Guests" Think About Each Park?

    I don't think that's too unreasonable an assumption for two reasons. I've never heard of anywhere called Maingate before until I heard of the one near Disney, so it's not unreasonable to assume it is near the main gate. And two, I've never been but can't you walk to Disneyland (and other Disney...
  13. darrelljon

    What Do "Average Guests" Think About Each Park?

    I heard of someone going every year for several years, asking whats the polynesian. Also heard online of people insisting they spent the day at "Disneyland Florida".
  14. darrelljon

    Cheapest accomodation with 3 seperate bedrooms

    What is the cheapest accomodation with 3 seperate bedrooms? Not just separate beds but seperate bedrooms In Disney resorts (inc. DVC, Swolphin, Disney Springs Resort area/LBV etc.) are 3 connecting rooms the best value? Ive heard studio rooms mentioned (in respect of AKL) but cannot find studio...
  15. darrelljon

    Non-Disney bus direct access to parks

    Cheers, but not so much shuttles but public buses like Lynx I'm interested in.
  16. darrelljon

    Non-Disney bus direct access to parks

    Am I correct in thinking Non-Disney buses do not have direct access to parks only to TTC?
  17. darrelljon

    Slow rides for adults

    Are there any slow rides for adults at Sea World? Like a river cruise?
  18. darrelljon


    Close to the main gate to WDW? Also does the same go for Championsgate?
  19. darrelljon

    Official Sea World hotels

    Renaissance - 'across the street' Hilton Grand Vacations - 'across the street' The only ones that only mentions 'at Sea World' is Springhill Suites and Residence Inn. Are these in the resort?
  20. darrelljon


    So why is it called Maingate?
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