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    Happy Birthday Erika!!

    Thank you guys! Marcia-- I'm sure your voice is lovely :lol: BJ- Ima get you one of these days :fork:
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    Happy Birthday Pumbas Nakasak

    Happy birthday!:sohappy:
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    to my old WDWMagic friends

    Debbie, I am so, so sorry for your loss. Keeping you guys in my thoughts & prayers.
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    Life After Disney

    Just a quick reminder to steer clear of turning this into a political discussion. Thanks :)
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    Happy Birthday, Garyhoov!

    Happy birthday, Gary! :sohappy:
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    Press event Tuesday, Jan. 18th.

    Keep the opinions coming but please stop the personal attacks-- I'm getting a lot of reports about this thread. Thank you.
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    Happy Birthday, prberk!

    Happy birthday! :sohappy:
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    Happy Birthday, Mom!

    Happy birthday, Marcia! :wave:
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    Disney Bus Fatally Hits Pedestrian

    Thank you Steve, hope you guys are enjoying your holidays as well :kiss:
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    Disney Bus Fatally Hits Pedestrian

    Can't speak for the others, but I've been celebrating the holidays with family in from out of town ;) At any rate, I've cleaned things up considerably, so hopefully things will stay clean from here on out.
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    Happy birthday wdwfreak53!

    Happy birthday, Bri! :sohappy:
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    Happy Birthday DMC-12

    I missed this-- Happy birthday, Jer! :sohappy:
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    Happy 82nd birthday to our two favorite rodents!

    Aww Happy birthday! :sohappy:
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY scorp111

    Happy birthday! :sohappy:
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    Happy Birthday Tigsmom

    Happy birthday, Mad! :sohappy:
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    Big wdw news

    I think we're done here.
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    Happy Birthday, Lee!

    Happy birthday! :sohappy:
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vernonpush

    Happy birthday! :sohappy:
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    Hi! I sorry I have not been able to get back to you sooner. There are 2 ways to put photos into...

    Hi! I sorry I have not been able to get back to you sooner. There are 2 ways to put photos into a thread. First check to make sure that the thread allows you to do so (certain forums do not). What you are looking for is the "posting rules" box on the very bottom left of the page when you are...
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    A confused man :)

    For non-residents- A Premium Annual Passport is $459.00 Deluxe is $329.00
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