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  1. Freshee61

    Rumor Annual passes change ?

    So don’t know if this is new or old news. I was at Epcot by spaceship earth store Yesterday and clerk was informing customer AP passes will no longer have block out dates but will have a certain amount of entries. Is this true? 16 entries.
  2. Freshee61

    HS voyage of the lil mermaid

    HI folks for the past six months I've been visiting wdw HS & in the voyage of the lil mermaid the rain/ water effect at the beginning has not been working. IMHO this effect is a BIG deal. I love this feature. Does anybody know if it has been discontinued or just waiting to be fixed? I've asked...
  3. Freshee61


    Does anybody remember the brand of the soaps at the value resorts in the late 1990's/ early 2000s? It's was wrapped in a black wrapping. I just opened my last one and tossed the wrap.
  4. Freshee61

    Generation gap bridge

    Does anyone know if they opened up generation gap bride? So that guests can walk from PoP to AoA?
  5. Freshee61

    Which WDW resort has the best arcade?

    In your opinion which resort and why has the best arcade?
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