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  1. ColdSun

    When to book for early 2020?

    Hi everyone, yes, I know 2019 has barely started (Happy new Year :D)... Nevertheless we are planning a Florida/Universal/Disney trip in either late January, February or early March in 2020. And well, there are so many questions, so hopefully some of you can and want to help :). I'm not a total...
  2. ColdSun

    Relatively quiet areas in the theme parks

    So, our WDW Trip is only a bit over a month away and here I am again with a - maybe slightly weird - question ;). I was wondering if there are any areas in the 4 theme parks that are a bit quieter than others. I sometimes suffer from anxiety when constantly being among crowds, so of course...
  3. ColdSun

    Panicking about FP+

    So my 60-days-window is coming up this week and I'm alreaeyady "slightly" freaking out :eek::rolleyes:... As it is my first time dealing with FP+ I would like to know what to expect. Are there any pictures of the interface? I guess I will first choose what park to visit on a given day and then...
  4. ColdSun

    Dining Reservations coming up

    Soooo, in just a few days I'll be able to make our Dining Reservations for our March 2018 trip and I'm kinda freaking out :cyclops:... So just to double-check: as we are resort guest I will be able to make dining reservations for our whole 10-day-trip at once, correct? Do I do this via the...
  5. ColdSun

    Tips & Tricks POP CENTURY

    Hi everyone, I need your expertise and opinions on Pop Century Resort. We'll be staying there in March 2018 for the first time and I was wondering if there are any tips/tricks you'd like to share. I have stayed at AoA before, so I'll be sure to walk across the bridge for a visit and maybe some...
  6. ColdSun

    Disney Dining Plan 2018 Snacks

    So we added the Disney Dining Plan to our reservation for March 2018. If I understand it correctly each person can receive 2 snacks per night. I already looked at some examples of snack credits but I was wondering if there is a complete list of what snacks are offered where in the parks? Would...
  7. ColdSun

    Rental Car Drop Off

    So, Disney World will be the last stop of our small Florida Tour in March 2018. We'll be arriving from Cocoa Beach on March 18th via rental car (which we haven't booked yet). As we are staying in Pop Century and using the Magical Express to get us to the airport once the vacation is over, we...
  8. ColdSun

    Greetings from across the pond

    Hello fellow Disney enthusiasts, I'm a 34-year-old female from Germany. I have been to WDW only once before and that was in 2012, so a lot has changed since then. Now booked a trip with my boyfriend for March 2018, we'll be staying for 10 days at the Pop Century Resort. I'm a huuuge BATB fan...
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