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  1. RSoxNo1

    Animatronics in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

    Stemming from a bet I have with a friend I wanted to discuss the animatronics in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. I know we have some experts here on the various types of animatronics (and even whether certain things should count). Below is the list I've compiled and would love people to fill in...
  2. RSoxNo1

    PizzeRizzo Closing or Receiving Menu Changes?

    This all stemmed from a Disboards post (not sure I can link to it but I'll try) https://www.disboards.com/threads/pizzerizzo-closing.3707967/ Jackie Gailey over at WDWInfo posted a follow up article sourcing the original post...
  3. RSoxNo1

    Slow Page Loads/Freezing

    Is anyone else experiencing freezing on Firefox? I've seen it intermittently this last week. I updated Java and Adobe flash in hopes that would help but I'm still seeing the issues.
  4. RSoxNo1

    Frozen Sing Along to Receive Frozen 2 Updates?

    On the latest Jim & @lentesta show, they talked about updates coming to the Frozen Sing Along for Frozen 2. Seems logical.
  5. RSoxNo1

    House of Blues replacement?

    Take this with a huge grain of salt. I was told by an Edison CM today that House of Blues will be going away for a Texas de Brazil. Has anyone else heard this?
  6. RSoxNo1

    Animal Kingdom's Sumatran Tiger is Pregnant

    Jambo Everyone is reporting that the Sumatran Tiger at Maharajah Jungle Trek is pregnant and due next month. http://www.jamboeveryone.com/2017/07/tiger-babies.html
  7. RSoxNo1

    Pirates of the Caribbean Auctioneer/Redhead Changes NO POLITICS or SOCIAL ISSUES, PLEASE!

    So with the other thread shifting into the political, any chance we can have a discussion about the actual change itself while keeping the social issues in the other thread? The other thread for social discussion can be found here...
  8. RSoxNo1

    Monstropolis Coming to DHS?

    Dusting off an old rumor, on the latest episode of Disney Dish with Jim Hill and @lentesta, they discuss that Monstropolis could be coming to DHS and potentially stretch from Walt Disney One: Man's Dream all the way to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. I'd like to thank Jim for giving me something to do...
  9. RSoxNo1

    Armchair Imagineering: Disney's Animal Kingdom

    I've long thought of doing a blog for Armchair Imagineering, but never truly got around to doing it. This forum may be a more appropriate spot for it. The approach that I generally take is identifying a problem and trying to ground any solutions in reality. In time, a thread could be started...
  10. RSoxNo1

    Adds on the Forum

    I definitely understand the need for ads on the forum, and I deliberately don't turn my ad blocker on for this site because I appreciate the forums and the value they have. Having said that, it seems that in the last few days the ads have become more invasive. They've had audio and video that...
  11. RSoxNo1

    Seven Day Press Event Scheduled for May 21st

    WDWMagic's very own @Rteetz has informed me that Disney has a seven day press event scheduled beginning May 21st. Details on what will be discussed have not been given, but the assumption is obviously Pandora: The World of AVATAR. These events occasionally announce new information but are often...
  12. RSoxNo1

    Lion-tailed Macaques Debut at Maharajah Jungle Trek

    Orlando Park News is the first to report that the Lion-tailed Macaques have debuted at the Maharajah Jungle Trek. There are three females and one male in the exhibit that was originally home to the Malayan Tapir. The news that these animals were arriving at Disney's Animal Kingdom was reported...
  13. RSoxNo1

    Exclusive Dining Coming to All 4 Parks and Disney Springs?

    The latest rumor from Jim Hill on Episode 112 of his podcast with/@lentesta talks about adding Club 33 style dining to each of the four parks as well as Disney Springs. It would likely be offered to Golden Oaks residents first before being offered to the masses. Possible in park locations...
  14. RSoxNo1

    Steven Tyler No Longer "Loves" That Idea, He Only "Likes" It

    Disney digitally added a finger to Tyler's "Shocker" gesture in the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster pre-show. http://behindthethrills.com/2016/08/rock-n-roller-coaster-preshow-gets-adjusted-at-walt-disney-world/
  15. RSoxNo1

    Spirit of America Fife & Drum Core Returning?

    A press release today indicated that the Fife & Drum Corps will be playing at the American Adventure on July 4th. Have they been playing daily? Here's a link to the press release...
  16. RSoxNo1

    RSoxNo1's visit to Tokyo Disneyland

    I just returned from a trip to Tokyo, and while I'll also be giving a full review on my podcast, I wanted to write something here as well. As I've said in other threads, while some singular attractions stand out (Hunny Hunt, Journey to the Center of the Earth) no single attraction is worth the...
  17. RSoxNo1

    Firefox / Adobe Flash issues

    Am I the only one that experiences issues on this site with Firefox and Adobe Flash? The site freezes, lags and outright crashes at times. This has been occurring for months on multiple PCs that I use.
  18. RSoxNo1

    New Band "The TradNation Project" Coming to the Canada Pavilion

    I was given this info last night: A new band will soon be coming to Epcot's Canada Pavilion. The band, called The TradNation Project features award winning musicians and dancers. From the band's official website: The TradNation Project introduces the living music and dance traditions of...
  19. RSoxNo1

    Fort Wilderness DVC, TTC relocation, Potential New Resort, New Water Pageant

    On Episode 94 of The Unofficial Guide's Disney Dish with Jim Hill, Jim discusses several potential hotel plans coming to the areas around the Magic Kingdom. Fort Wilderness DVC: The plan would be to convert the former River Country area adjacent to the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground...
  20. RSoxNo1

    RUMOR: Tomorrowland Terrace to be Converted Into Themed Restaurant

    On Episode 90 of The Unofficial Guide's Disney Dish podcast, Jim Hill reported that Disney is considering re-working Tomorrowland Terrace as a themed restaurant. One concept would be the "Astronomer's Club where an Adventurer's Club style option would feature astronomers as the entertainment.
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