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    Happy birthday Lil'Mermaid!

    Have a good one! :sohappy:
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    Happy Fathers Day!

    A bit late, but happy Fathers Day to all our wdwmagic dads! :sohappy:
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    So You Think You Can Dance

    Is anyone else watching? More entertaining than American Idol (IMO) and better quality dancing than Dancing With The Stars. I love this show! Right now it's the preliminary auditions, so you get the good and the bad (much like early AI). It gets so much better once they have it narrowed...
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    24 Season 6

    Here we go again :D
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    changing/resetting user title

    Hi Steve This is by no means pressing but I wanted to let you know that I tried to change my user title to say Merry Christmas and I keep getting this message in my user cp It is mocking me because I have no next visit :cry: I tried resetting it instead but got the same message.
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    Bringing people back

    It's a horrible anniversary, but I know I am not the only one glad to see some of the long-standing members posting today. Hugs to you guys.
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    Important for parents

    Last spring, when our daughter was born, we had our car seat inspected. We had followed the directions to a T and thought we had it in correctly but, like 80-96% of American parents (statistics vary depending on the source) we were wrong. On our way to the firehouse, we were almost T-boned...
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    R. C. Gorman dead at 74

    I don't know if he has any fans here, but I've always liked him. I have a signed poster-print framed on my wall. If you've been to the Southwest, chances are good you've seen his work somewhere. Renowned Navajo artist R.C. Gorman, 74, dies in New Mexico Tim Korte Associated Press Nov...
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    Wilt Dasney is my homeboy

    Here you go, BJ Your very own THREAD!!!
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    IASW Interior Photos

    Heya peeps :wave: Does anybody have any good Small World shots? I am thinking of painting it for the baby's room. Bright colors, goofy animals, fun stuff. I'll gladly take pictures from either DL or WDW, I don't care. I've only seen WDW's but as we are now so close to California...
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    Happy birthday, Disneydreaming!

    :wave: Have a good one!!!
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    Memorial Day

    Just wanted to wish everyone a safe Memorial Day. In honor of those who could not be with us this weekend
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    'Makeover' heads to Piestewa home

    From http://www.azcentral.com/ent/tv/articles/0413piestewa.html Mark Shaffer and Betty Reid The Arizona Republic Apr. 13, 2005 07:15 AM FLAGSTAFF - The never-ending roller coaster of emotions for the parents of deceased war hero Lori Piestewa has reached a new high. Terry and Percy...
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    Online Security Guidelines

    Just a reminder :wave:
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    Hurricane Relief

    If anyone is interested in donating, here are a few links. Red Cross FL Hurricane Relief Fund United Way Southeastern US/Caribbean Hurricane Relief ASPCA National Shelter Outreach Program's Disaster Relief Fund
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    Freaks & Geeks dvd set

    Does anyone else have this? My brother gave it to me for my birthday. I still say it was one of the best tv shows ever. Too bad NBC did not give it more of a chance. I could watch this stuff all day :lol:
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    Weekend Trip To NYC

    This past weekend, John and I took a trip out to New York to celebrate our anniversay a month early. We got there at lunchtime Friday and left early Monday morning. We had such a good time. Pictures and report are over at Al's: Our Trip to Manhattan New Yorkers, I have to say- I love...
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    ebay wedding dress

    I have to say this gave me a good laugh. Thank God I'm not his ex wife!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4146756343#ebayphotohosting
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    I am so mad right now, I am literally sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Why is it that some people just can't respect other people's property? Some of you know that my husband and I bought a house 4 years ago and he has redone every single room- I don't mean new paint and...
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    XBox or PS2?

    Alright! John and I need some input from you gamers out there. One of our best friends was part of the team which recently completed the upcoming game NBA Ballers. (If you watched the show about it on MTV this week, you saw him.) Currently we have regular Playstation, Super Nintendo, and...
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