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  1. Schneewittchen

    Jaleo reservations FYI

    I just grabbed a reservation for Jaleo in April on OpenTable. I'm literally doing the Hamster Dance over this. And DH is cool with ditching our existing Sebastian's reservation. I'm just hoping Jaleo Disney Springs is as awesome as the one in DC. Yay Jose!
  2. Schneewittchen

    Anyone been to Sebastian's Bistro?

    My family is staying at CBR for our upcoming trip. Our first full day is a "rest" day, go to Disney Springs in the morning (to buy APs! Yay!), shop a bit, get a quick lunch, afternoon at the resort pool, nice dinner in the evening. I cancelled a reservation for dinner at the Boathouse and...
  3. Schneewittchen

    DVC Rentals - Contemporary vs. Poly vs. Grand Floridian

    Have some background... I have an RV, we used to just take that to Fort Wilderness every year in the winter or spring. I love the MK resort area. But then we started taking additional quick trips to WDW or DL in November and February. For these quick trips, we'd stay at All Star Movies. All...
  4. Schneewittchen

    Article about Disneyland social clubs

    https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/disney-social-clubs Hmmm, what do you think? A bit alarmist perhaps?
  5. Schneewittchen

    Help me plan an adults only dinner and bar crawl at Epcot resort area

    My nuclear family is going to WDW with another nuclear family in April for spring break. They're our Friday night fraternal organization drinking buddies - basically $2 beer and wine at the Legion or Knights.... so we know we can have fun together. And the other mother and I are Disnerds...
  6. Schneewittchen

    T-Rex vs. Rainforest Cafe

    I'm a moron and have a Landry's card. So now I need to use this Landry's card. And my 180 day ADR window opens up in a couple of days. Time to plan to make use of this card..... Yes, I'm going to do Yak & Yeti for AK for dinner one night. But, I'm planning a Disney Springs evening on one of...
  7. Schneewittchen

    Help me plan a one day solo trip

    In the spring of 2016, besides my usual annual visit to WDW, I spent a day at Magic Kingdom by myself before going to a conference in Orlando. I did whatever I wanted, had a table service dinner by myself at Tony's Town Square. I'm going to have the opportunity to do this again in the spring...
  8. Schneewittchen

    Tell me about Garden Grove @ Swan

    We're going to WDW in November for a long weekend to celebrate my son's 8th birthday. Originally, I'd reserved dinners at Flying Fish, Le Cellier and the Wave. At some point this weekend, I realized this trip is for my son, not me. So I cancelled Flying Fish and got a reservation for Garden...
  9. Schneewittchen

    Ohana from Fort Wilderness in the early morning - Uber, Mears, or 2 buses

    I usually give Fort Wilderness advice, but now I'm going to ask for it. I have an Ohana breakfast reservation for 7:40 am in April. I have a motorhome. No car. I am not moving the motorhome just to get breakfast with Stitch. Normally, to get to the Poly, my family would hop on a boat to...
  10. Schneewittchen

    Quick Service Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks at Animal Kingdom

    I've never been to Animal Kingdom before, and I'm going for the first time in April. My family usually just stuck to the things we know - MK and EPCOT. I'd like some opinions about our Animal Kingdom options for breakfast, lunch and snacks at AK. We have a dinner reservation for Tusker House...
  11. Schneewittchen

    Hoop Dee Doo Revue for Easter Sunday?

    Hi everyone! Has anyone been to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue on Easter Sunday? Do they do anything special that day? We've never been at WDW actually on Easter Sunday before. We usually arrive Monday, this year we'll arrive Sunday afternoon and have dinner reservations for the Revue.
  12. Schneewittchen

    A WDW visitor in DLR

    Hi everyone, I just got back from a great long weekend at DLR and want to chat about what we did and how I can change my itinerary to make next time even better. The traveling party was me, DH, DS (almost 7), DD (4). This Veterans Day weekend trip was a surprise early 7th birthday present for...
  13. Schneewittchen

    CNN photo essay on building the Magic Kingdom

    http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/29/travel/tbt-disney-magic-kingdom-under-construction/index.html Photos from one of the Magic Kingdoms craftsmen. It's obvious why the place is so special.
  14. Schneewittchen

    MK resort area fine or nice-ish dining

    Hi everyone, I'm an OCD WDW planner, so humour me. I'm planning to book my stay at Fort Wilderness in April 2017 tomorrow, I know I won't be making restaurant ADR's for another month, but I want to discuss because I want to try something different. We tend to do a lot of character or fun...
  15. Schneewittchen

    Disneyland for a WDW commando family

    Hello everyone, I normally post on the WDW boards, but I'm planning a surprise birthday trip to DL for my son this November and would like a bit of advice. We're going Veteran's Day weekend. Taking the last flight to Anaheim Thursday evening, arriving late, checking in at the Anaheim Plaza...
  16. Schneewittchen

    Wacky one day trips?

    So I did a solo visit to MK a couple of months ago during a work trip to Orlando. It was super cool. I woke up at 3:30 am, caught a 6 am flight to Orlando and was walking down Main Street by 10 am. DH did a work trip to San Francisco a while back and also had a fun solo day touring the city...
  17. Schneewittchen

    Best bet on Easter Sunday?

    Yes, I've been to WDW a billion times, and usually in the spring break high season. So I know it's crowded that time of year. I'm starting to plan my spring 2017 trip for Easter week. I'll probably make my Ft. Wilderness reservations in a week or two. I think we're skipping the beach this...
  18. Schneewittchen

    Anyone try The Daily Poutine yet?

    I'm kind of in love with poutine and I just read that there's a new poutine stall at Disney Springs: http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2016/05/16/first-look-and-review-the-daily-poutine-in-disney-springs/ Has anyone tried it yet? I can't wait until next spring. Post pictures please.....
  19. Schneewittchen

    Davy Crockett coonskin caps?

    Are those still a thing at MK? In 1985, I swear Frontierland was crawling with them and pop-guns. And now I'm wondering if anyone has seen the caps for sale recently in the Parks. I recently read the story "Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier" to my son from our vintage Wonderful Worlds...
  20. Schneewittchen

    Pre-Trip Flying Circus - Easter 2016

    Never done this before, but it seems like a fun narcissistic exercise, so I'm game. Background - My husband and I have had a motorhome for about ten years now. Since then, we’ve gone to Florida almost every year in the winter or spring. Those trips to Florida always involve a 3 - 4 day stop...
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