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  1. wendysue

    OK, I'll Admit it...Disney Prices Are Out Of Control

    I think you are a bit too optimistic that your complaints WILL be addressed. It's been a year and a half now since we went. I miss it sometimes, but like looking at my new kitchen appliances that I could not have afforded if I had gone back. :) (It used to be that we could afford kitchen...
  2. wendysue

    Poll: When planning a trip, would you pay rack rate?

    Hope you get your discount. :) For us, it isn't so much the room price..(although we will only book value when discounted) but the park tickets are now the issue. No way we can justify those. It's now been a year and a half since we could go, and if we do go back it will be for a room only...
  3. wendysue

    Driving to WDW - roadtrip

    We did it ONCE from southern Wisconsin. No kids, but honestly, I'm worse than a kid. We didn't even get past the top 1/3 of Illinois before I was asking my husband how much farther!! Atlanta was horrible even at 3:30 a.m. On the drive back we went to the U.S.S. Alabama at Mobile and drove...
  4. wendysue

    Am I able to stack annual passes?

    Just checked Sam's and they are now the full price. :(
  5. wendysue

    Car or No Car

    We always fly in and use Magical Express. We prebook a rental car from the car care center for a couple days so we can do our grocery shopping, etc. Just pick whatever time you would like them to pick you up at your resort to get the car. You could always book a car two separate times during...
  6. wendysue

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    I agree. A family member asked me to help her plan their trip, but when I showed her what we used to pay (not that long ago) and what it costs now, she changed her plans. I'm past being angry. Just over it. We bought new kitchen appliances instead. :)
  7. wendysue

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    However, I do have Southwest tickets I have to use this year, so it looks like we'll be going to UNI or Seaworld. Either is much cheaper.
  8. wendysue

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    WELL.....we were going to get AP's on our next trip in July. Instead, we canceled the trip entirely. The whole parking, AP, money grab for everything mentality is laughable now. Enough for us. Not mad or sad....just don't think that any of this is worth it anymore.
  9. wendysue

    News Reservations now available for mini golf courses at Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens

    Never had to wait for these...but getting a bus BACK to resort was a ridiculously long wait!
  10. wendysue

    Did anyone here move to Orlando specifically for the parks?

    We thought about moving down 8 to 10 years ago, but am now really glad we didn't. The reason would have primarily been to be close to Disney, but Disney now isn't the Disney we loved 10 years ago. Prices, crowds, changes that sucked....etc. Anyway, we are glad that we had the many great...
  11. wendysue

    If you could sit in one spot...

    In Magic Kingdom near the Liberty Square Market there is a doorway with some steps and two large rocking chairs....THERE. :)
  12. wendysue

    Which All-Star Resort is Best?

    We stayed at Sports one time and that was awful. Full of screaming and chanting teens with no supervision. We then stayed at Movies twice with no problems and would go back there again. We had our own bus service.
  13. wendysue

    Walt Disney World Summer offers now available

    It was just a room only, no tickets. Glad to hear you got a good deal. :)
  14. wendysue

    Room only offers?

    But they are actually more expensive than if you would have booked them in March... :(
  15. wendysue

    New Credit Card Authorization Policy HELP

    This is completely STUPID! We won't have a car and I don't plan on charging anything to our room. I don't have a problem with just pulling my card out of my pocket and using it at point of sale. Geez....what next?
  16. wendysue

    New Credit Card Authorization Policy HELP

    But this is only because you are charging by using the magic band tied to a credit card, right?
  17. wendysue

    Magic Kingdom losing evening EMHs?

    Nothing new there....been that way for awhile now. :(
  18. wendysue

    Is Thanksgiving celebrated at WDW?

    Sure! WDW celebrates it by charging you extra to be there.
  19. wendysue

    DVC "Galactic Gathering" Cancelled

    You are assuming that they actually care about loyalty. :(
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