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  1. Phonedave

    No room at the Inn

    I know people have been saying that it is getting harder and harder to book rooms at the last minute, however I have never seen it like this. My wife and I were talking last week and said we really need to get away. We looked at some flights and they were dirt cheap (well, cheaper than they...
  2. Phonedave

    Anybody event rent out and rent points at the same time to get an 11 month booking?

    While reading all of these threads going on about people walking in dates, and buying where they want to stay, and buying for value a though hit me. Has anybody who owned at say SSR used a company such as David's to rent out their points, while at the same time renting points at somewhere such...
  3. Phonedave

    A day of broken rides at WDW

    We not really broken, but what are the chances of this happening? We arrive at MK last Thursday and go directly to Haunted Mansion Ride Haunted Manston, and sit in the graveyard for 10 minutes before the ride restarts. Head over to People Mover, about to get on the ramp up, and are told it is...
  4. Phonedave

    Moonlight Magic - Typhoon Lagoon registration open

    Just a heads up - registration for the Typhoon Lagoon moonlight magic event is now open for people with on property reservations (I got mine :-) ). IBooking is open to all members on April 6. -dave
  5. Phonedave

    Ideas for July 4th evening

    We - meaning my wife and I and 2 or 3 children will be at WDW this year over July 4th. We really don't want to do the full on insane "get into a park early and camp out and fight the crowds to see fireworks and then get caught in the mob that is leaving" thing, but it would be nice if we could...
  6. Phonedave

    Additional Charge for Sugar in Iced Tea?

    I belong to a DVC group on Facebook. One of the members there posted a picture of a receipt from Cape May She had ordered a sweet tea, while someone else in the party ordered unsweetened iced tea. She had a charge on her bill for an extra 50 cents for "sugar cane syrup flavoring" As she...
  7. Phonedave

    Jumping Ship

    Maybe DCL will see this (and if they do, I am doubtful anything will happen). I just can't take the price of DCL anymore. My wife and I just booked a 7 night Celebrity cruise out of Bayonne to Bermuda. With perks and discounts it came to $3,100- total, for an ocean view stateroom. Bayonne...
  8. Phonedave

    I:RoE globe was down

    Last Sunday (June 22) the Illuminations globe was non-functioning. There were a few sporadic bursts of LED action and then nothing - it remained dark the entire show. (spinning, opening, and fire all worked, just no LEDs). I looked, but don't see any other threads on the subject - anybody...
  9. Phonedave

    ADR at Turf Club - makes me laugh

    This last Friday (June 27) we decided we would eat dinner at the Turf Club. We were looking for a 6:00 PM reservation. I called at about10:00 AM, and Disney Dining offered me two times. 5:15 and 8:00 - I took 5:15. At 5:15 we went to check in, and there was a grand total of 6 people (NOT 6...
  10. Phonedave

    OK - So BOG really is good

    We ate dinner at BOG last week - on a walk up with only 15 minutes wait (so that was a suprise) We totally did not plan on eating there, but 4 out of the 5 in our group were at the end of their rope (Me, I never stop) and were looking for someplace to eat. Just for the heck of it, I asked, and...
  11. Phonedave

    Thoughts on the Treehouses

    We just got back from a week in a treehouse villa (June 21 - 28 , 2014). Just some thoughts. - Nice units, love the layout, and plenty of space. - Apparently the fold out couch is not too comfortable - I didn't sleep on it, but others did. - We were in a handicapped accesable unit, so we...
  12. Phonedave

    Bridging a discounted ticket to a extra day.

    I know that you can (or a least could) bridge a discounted ticket to an AP. Buy a discounted ticket for $45 off of face value, enter the park with it to "lock in" the value, and then upgrade it to an AP and get the full value of the ticket. My question is, can I do the same thing, but only...
  13. Phonedave

    The best fish I ever ate

    We just got back from our F&W trip. Three seminars, many tastings, and a dinner at V&A over 3 days - whew. When I get the time I'll post some comments (seeing as F&W ended yesterday, that's not very helpfull) however there is one dish that I just cannot get off my mind. It was the fish...
  14. Phonedave

    Food and Wine trip is now pretty much a lock

    Just needed to celebrate/brag. My wife and I wanted to take an adults only trip for F&W (not the first time we have done so). However, because she is a teacher, the only time we can go is during "Jersey Weekend" - for those who don't know, all NJ Teachers have a 4 day weekend in November. It is...
  15. Phonedave

    Hess is closing all gas stations

    Not sure if this is the right forum for it, but it does effect trip planning. I also searched and did not find this in another thread. Hess has announced that it is closing all of it's gas stations and will be focusing on its exploration efforts instead. Not sure what this means for WDW...
  16. Phonedave

    New Offer from DVC (Via Webcast)

    Has anyone else been "invited" to the DVC webcast. New incentives are out for add ons through the mIddle of March. Forget the exact amounts, but it involved free 5 day park hoppers (the more points you get, the more tickets you get) Also, there are additional cash incentives to add on at...
  17. Phonedave

    5 in a VWL 1 BR

    There will be 5 of us (two adults, three kids 6, 10, 13) going in June. I know Jambo has 1BR units that sleep 5, but I have heard that it is OK to put 5 into the VWL units as well. By OK I mean permitted, not as in you can sneak one in. I realize that they will not have the sleeper chair...
  18. Phonedave

    How did I miss this ?

    Just wondering how I missed the SHADES OF DEATH HALF MARATHON http://www.shadesofdeath.org/ when it was held about 40 miles from my home ? What a cool logo, I wonder what the finisher medal looked like. For those wondering, it is called that becase part of the course goes down...
  19. Phonedave

    DCL Dream Spa for Kids

    Does anybody know if there are any spa treatments available for kids (as in 9 y/o) on the Disney dream. On the Magic, my daughters were able to get thier nails done in the Spa. They want to do it again on the sea day on our upcomming cruise on the Dream. There was nothing I could find...
  20. Phonedave

    For Masters Runners

    I love that term - Masters Runner. Sound so much better than "Runners 40 and Over" Anyway, as some of you may be aware, I am a Masters Runner this year. One of the things USATF (USA Track and Field) does for Masters is the Phidippides Award. It has nothing to do with speed, just the...
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