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  1. wdwmagic

    News Filthy Rich at Disney Springs to close

    They don't seem to have much trouble in finding kiosk tenants. I doubt it will be sitting there empty once this leaves.
  2. wdwmagic

    Rumor Voyage of the Little Mermaid Refurb

    The official calendar is showing show times across the end of June into July https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/entertainment/hollywood-studios/voyage-of-the-little-mermaid/
  3. wdwmagic

    Pop up ads at bottom of mobile phone screen

    Finished testing this out today, should be back to normal now.
  4. wdwmagic

    Pop up ads at bottom of mobile phone screen

    It is across all devices. All ad units reload a new ad if left on screen for a certain time period.
  5. wdwmagic

    Pop up ads at bottom of mobile phone screen

    Currently testing this today.
  6. wdwmagic

    News Epcot Forever to debut as interim show before full Reflections of Earth replacement

    It would be a pretty sad state of affairs if the best they could come up with is fireworks and lighting to the theme of closed attractions. This kinda of thing works for a one-off night, or a limited run, but going forward they can, and should, do much better.
  7. wdwmagic

    Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs to host a new seafood-driven educational seminar and tasting event this July

  8. wdwmagic

    Bizzare Change to Splash Mountain Finale

    Seems like a broken effect
  9. wdwmagic

    News Beaches & Cream closing Aug 5 for refurb and expansion

    Beaches and Cream Soda Shop refurbishment pushed back https://www.wdwmagic.com/dining/beaches-and-cream/news/25jun2019-beaches-and-cream-soda-shop-refurbishment-pushed-back.htm
  10. wdwmagic

    What's with the wait times!? (hint.. they're low)

    Here it is https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/06/star-wars-galaxys-edge-at-disneyland-resort-opens-with-out-of-this-world-guest-experience/
  11. wdwmagic

    Flight of Passage Pre-show Burn-In has begun

    New screens are obviously a drop in the ocean cash-wise for Disney, so they can easily be replaced and were probably designed to be so. The problem of course is that it will be long overdue before it is actually done.
  12. wdwmagic

    News Disney Villains After Hours coming to the Magic Kingdom this summer

    Have a read of https://www.wdwmagic.com/events/disney-villains-after-hours/news/19jun2019-disney-passholders-will-receive-a-complimentary-ornament-featuring-hades-at-disney-villains-after-hours.htm
  13. wdwmagic

    Rumor Version of MaxPass coming to WDW in May?

    The WDW VIP Tours usually enter through the FP line.
  14. wdwmagic

    Rumor Toy Story friends makeover

    New look for the Toy Story characters in the parks.
  15. wdwmagic

    Rumor Toy Story friends makeover

    Yes this seems to be the case. @drew81 do you know anything?
  16. wdwmagic

    Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera open for reservations

    Topolino's Terrace - Flavors of the Riviera to feature signature dining and character breakfast https://www.wdwmagic.com/dining/topolinos-terrace---flavors-of-the-riviera/news/19jun2019-topolinos-terrace---flavors-of-the-riviera-to-feature-signature-dining-and-character-breakfast.htm
  17. wdwmagic

    Rumor Epcot Center & Doctor Strange Experience?

    This was being looked at, but I believe it was aborted.
  18. wdwmagic

    News Disney Villains After Hours coming to the Magic Kingdom this summer

    Disney Passholders will receive a complimentary ornament featuring Hades at Disney Villains After Hours https://www.wdwmagic.com/events/disney-villains-after-hours/news/19jun2019-disney-passholders-will-receive-a-complimentary-ornament-featuring-hades-at-disney-villains-after-hours.htm
  19. wdwmagic

    AMC Theater Remodel

    Cameras inside movie theatres don’t mix well 😮
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