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  1. FootballFigment

    Question about a tree...

    I tried to look this info up with no success. Does anyone know what type of trees are planted in the downtown disney marketplace. I am refering to the ones with the the lights in them? Also for anyone knowledgable in horticulture, how would these trees fair in a new jersey climate? If they...
  2. FootballFigment

    DiveQuest, any thought?

    Hi everyone, On my trip this august I have signed up for the DiveQuest experience at the living seas. I am a certified diver and the disney operator i booked the excursion with told me the basics about what I was going to be doing. I was wondering if anybody has done this particular...
  3. FootballFigment

    Graduation today!

    I graduate today so wish me luck! Hopefully I will not trip over my robes seeing as they are a little big on me lol and congrats to anyone graduating today or this semester!! On to the real world we go... :lookaroun
  4. FootballFigment

    Just a reminder

    Seeing as it is april and there is not a lot of NFL football goin on right now, I figured it was my duty to inform you all the the New York Football Giants are still superbowl champions. A jump for joy would be appropriate at this time... go ahead ill wait for you... ok now that that is out of...
  5. FootballFigment

    The Muppets at Disney World

    Why have I never seen this before... So cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTnc3eXJU_Q&feature=related ps. Its in multiple parts
  6. FootballFigment

    Golden Girls

    Did the old DHS backlot tour have the front part of the house from the golden girls? yeah its a wierd question but i asked it lol
  7. FootballFigment

    No love for Donald

    Why don't they sell a Donald Duck Hat. Like the hat donald actually wears... or do they and i just dont know... Aw, phooey!!!
  8. FootballFigment

    Walking with Dinosaurs

    Last night I went to Mass to see "Walking with Dinosaurs". If you do not know what this show is all about visit www.dinosaurlive.com. This show was freakin awesome and the Dinosaurs looked very realistic. They walked around, roared and fought with eachother. I think it would be awesome for...
  9. FootballFigment


    I was looking for a good place to find Disney audio and some members on the boards suggested Mousbits. So I registered on their site and went to download a torrent but each time I try all I get is "You're not authorized to download. Sorry..." :brick: So I posted on Mousebits what happened but...
  10. FootballFigment

    just wondering...

    I was just wondering if there are any other greeks on the boards? I am a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity and everytime I go to Disney I seem to bump into another brother. Last time I met a T-Chi was at the contemporary and it was really cool to chat with him. I always see letters in the parks...
  11. FootballFigment

    Perfect Proposal

    Hey I saw this on the TLC website and thought it was one of the best proposals I have seen in a while. I am giving the link here and it is the first video on the list but if it does not work just go to the TLC site and search for "disney proposal" and the video should come up...
  12. FootballFigment

    Interesting CM stories

    I have always wanted to be a park CM and I was just wondering what kind of stories, good or bad, CMs have to share about their experiences working for the mouse. I find insider stories about cast members and their time in the parks and with guests to be fascinating. So I hope your all willing...
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