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  1. Brittany--

    Pre-Trip The Gang’s All Here

    The Who: My dad (S), my stepmom (J), my stepsister (A), my boyfriend (M), and me (Britt)! The When: August 3rd-August 11th The Where: Grand Floridian Sugarloaf, club level The Why: To use my AP one last time So, this trip has been a bit unlike our usual planning. I’ve taken the lead on this...
  2. Brittany--

    Multiple Ticket Types - One Trip?

    Hey there, hoping y’all can help. My bf and I were comped 2 base Magic Your Way tickets after an issue we had on our trip last year. We are visiting again for 8 days and we’d like to use these tickets during the middle of our trip to get in the parks during the day of the Villains After Hours...
  3. Brittany--

    AP Discount on Event Tickets?

    This may be a silly question but I cannot seem to find the answer. My family is going a trip in August and we want to catch the Villains After Hours event. Two of us have annual passes, but the other three don’t. Can the pass holders use their discount to buy the rest of the groups tickets or is...
  4. Brittany--

    Summer AP Discounts?

    I know historically, there have been AP room discounts for the end of summer. I have a trip booked for early August, but I’m hoping to get a better room if this discount is available. Do we think with GE that we will still get this discount?
  5. Brittany--

    Thrift Store Merch Help

    Hey y’all. I’m hoping you can help me. I was gifted this “suitcase” that was found at goodwill and I’m very curious as to what could have came in this box. I tried googling to no avail. Has anyone seen this before?
  6. Brittany--

    Germany World Showcase Letter?

    Hi everyone! I wasn't able to find any information on the internet so I figured I'd come here. Recently I was going through old scrapbooks and I found a letter from Snow White about the Germany exhibit. It's suck to the page though so I couldn't see the back of it. I've included a picture and...
  7. Brittany--

    January Trip Crowds?

    Can anyone tell me how the crowds are the week after the Disney marathons? I'm looking to go 1/12/14-1/19/14 and I was hoping that someone had some first hand experience with being there that week.
  8. Brittany--

    Roadtrip Playlist!

    In 28 short days my dad and I will be embarking on our drive from NJ to WDW. Since we're going to be in the car for a while, I want to make a playlist of songs to get us more excited than we already are. Any ideas?
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