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    Holiday Wishes with NYE tag

    Just saw something interesting. Holiday Wishes at 6:30 on 12/30 with 180 degree perimeter effects. I don't recall that being done before. Even more interesting... The NYE tag was performed in 180 degrees right after the Holiday Wishes finale. Again, not been done before.
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    Dilemma with Booking Reservation

    We have relatives coming from Italy to NY/NJ in the middle of July and they would also like to spend some time in Florida. My parents offered to take them for a couple days, one of those days staying in Disney World to visit one park and to spend one night. I will be joining them so it is 5...
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    Wastewater Treatment Plant

    There was some new structures at the Reedy Creek Energy Services wastewater treatment plant. They look to be storage tanks but I'd like to see a site plan for the site. I'm not sure if anyone has one of those here but it's possible someone may have spotted a set of plans on the comptroller...
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    Wishes Projections

    Have the projections for the Wishes fireworks show been recently updated? The new ones are more vibrant than the older ones. However I'm not sure if they come from projectors at the base of the castle or from above the MS buildings
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    Reflections of Earth Changes

    RoE had a whole lot of product changes this month. This is what I noticed. - Almost all of the mines in Chaos. - A couple of handfulls of comet shells in Chaos. - New blue octopi shells in Celebration with great timing. - New blue farfalle shells in Celebration, they look absolutely...
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    Christmas Lights for this Year

    So far I only have a couple of videos of my christmas lights up. Unfortunately I have not had time to film more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiGV66TdMoY http://vimeo.com/33565266
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    Partners Statue Location

    Is there a particular reason for the Partners Statue location in the center of the hub? I think it's in a terrible spot. The hub area should be clear of all obstacles. Just let it be completely flat and passable. As for a new location for the statue, put it in the entrance plaza facing the...
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    Siemens' Involvement

    Here is a short video published by Siemens about its involvement in EPCOT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeuRRVkyWIQ
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    If Walt Was Alive...

    ...WDW would not be the same as I know it today. In a way, I am thankful Walt didn't oversee much of the development of the property.
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    EPCOT Parking

    I was wondering if the EPCOT lot closes at all to non-resort guests on the 31st of December. I doubt it but I need to ask in order to reassure myself.
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    EPCOT Report August 26

    I was in EPCOT this past Wednesday. -SSE had a 20 minute wait at about 11:15. I really enjoy that ride. I just don't like Judie Dench. The narration is fine but I'd rather have another voice. -My picture did not work on my second ride and there was no video of me to send home in Project...
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    "Live" Report

    I was just on property 15 minutes ago. Just went around to the monorail resorts and a ride to EPCOT and back on monorail blue. Took a nice ride on a SeaRaycer too. MK has it's Halloween swags up on the train station and the front portion of Main Street as far as I could see. There is tons of...
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    Kona Cafe Reservation

    I was wondering if it would be advisable to make a reservation for breakfast at the Kona Cafe for this Friday. I am taking a trip on very short notice, leaving in a few hours, so I'm not sure if it's worth it.
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    World Showcase Questions

    2 questions: First, do the torches around WS lagoon light up when the Pre-IllumiNations BGM begins? Or do they light up afterward? Second, once Tapestry of Nations begins after Promise, does it play through the entire song or just the We la eh me la we la parts?
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    How'd you like your steak cooked? Sorry, medium rare is not an option (Inferno Barge)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPQP7pbLmhQ :D:D:D
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    Top of the World Lounge at the Contemporary complex

    As I was looking through some licenses, I came across Permanent Food Service location license addressed to the Contemporary. It's DBA title is "Top of the World Lounge". Anyone know any more? I assume that it will be going in to the Bay Lake Tower.
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    Five Year Plan

    OK, so lately, we in the WDW fan community have been hearing many exciting things to come. I thought that I'd assimilate a small list of the happenings at WDW. 2008 is a bit of a quiet year. Yes, TSM is opening and American Idol Experience has been announced, yet, this is nothing compared to...
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    Interesting Find

    While snooping around the net, I happened to stumble upon WDI's Gen. Contracting License. https://www.myfloridalicense.com/LicenseDetail.asp?SID=&id=1D6CC44F7209E799D4D6C95D0065CFEB It is set to expire at the end of August! Oh no! WDI won't be able to do any work after...
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    WS Interactive - Again

    Yet again we hear of the World Showcase Interactive Kiosks. http://officialrecords.occompt.com/wb_or1/details.asp?doc_id=29644828&file_num=20080108585&doc_status=S This here is for a Utility Package. They've been setting thse things up for months, yet Kim Possible has yet to return. We know...
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    2/5 Permits

    Looks like RoE laser booths will be modified sligtly... http://officialrecords.occompt.com/wb_or1/details.asp?doc_id=29606072&file_num=20080071769&doc_status=I ..same for AA and Mexico. DHS Animation Arch Signage to be put in place soon...
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