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  1. WhatJaneSays

    2019 Box Office tracking

    Welcome to the Box Office tracking thread for 2019! Here you'll find the domestic box office information for all the Disney released moves. This year I'm also keeping an eye on the Fox releases as well. This first post contains the general Top lists and the upcoming movie schedule. The post...
  2. WhatJaneSays

    FYI: Disney network outage - Most systems back up!

    Just a current FYI for folks trying to get on Disney websites or use Disney Apps. There is a large network outage causing issues for the main Disney website, Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Disney Cruse Line websites along with My Disney Experience and most other Disney apps are...
  3. WhatJaneSays

    Star Wars Celebration 2019

    Celebration is heading to Chicago. It will be held April 11-15 at McCormick Place, and the event is expanding to 5 days. Tickets are going on sale on June 5th at noon CST.
  4. WhatJaneSays

    The Mayor of Main Street has passed away

    Edit: Conformation from a few sources. The Mayor of Main Street has passed away. I genuinely hope this is a false alarm, but I've heard from a friend in entertainment that the Mayor of Main Street has passed away. My friend got the news somewhat second-hand so he's trying to confirm. Has...
  5. WhatJaneSays

    Weather warning for 6/27 - Flooding and Hail

    Flash flooding, hail, and 40 mph+ wind gusts are expected in the Lake Buena Vista/Bay Lake area for the next few hours. http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/bay-lake-fl/32830/weather-warnings/2257549 http://www.fox35orlando.com/weather/264180940-story
  6. WhatJaneSays

    Unknown Live Action Fairy-Tale movie on 7/28/17?

    Anyone have any idea on what it could be? Besides it's initial listing in the release scheduled, and it's movement to that date from December 2017, I haven't heard anything firm about this movie. Originally it was referenced as on type with the live action Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast...
  7. WhatJaneSays

    Artegon Marketplace closing 1/26

    There'd been lots of rumors about this for the past few months. Even after many repeated assurances from the Artegon management that they planed to operate as normal in a meeting earlier this week they just told all the tenants the place is closing on January 26th...
  8. WhatJaneSays

    2017 Movie Outlook

    After Disney's unprecedented run in 2016 the outlook for 2017 looks promising. However with a (currently) smaller slate of movies with more reliance on franchises and sequels they might be facing an up hill battle against many studios for top spots. Our known releases for Disney this year are...
  9. WhatJaneSays

    Package fee test coming to All-Stars and Pop - 11/13

    Similar to the convention resorts the All-Star and Pop hotels will be doing a test of a $5 per package fee starting on 11/13. This will cover ALL incoming mail even letters and the like. Waiting on word if this will apply to non-mail deliveries like groceries.
  10. WhatJaneSays

    AMC going to reserved seating 11/7

    Starting 11/7 the AMC at West Side will be going to reserved seating. You can do it via the web, mobile, or at the box. I chatted with the crew there this morning getting my groups Doctor Strange tickets for tonight and honestly they don't seem super happy. I understand the need at times for...
  11. WhatJaneSays

    Main Street Electrical Parade last run? (10/9)

    Anyone planing to make a trip to see the last run of MSEP on 10/9? Provided all my plans that day go on schedule I should be able to catch both.
  12. WhatJaneSays

    Lots of FPs in a day

    I reached a new personal best last night with 12 FPs in a row, in this case nonstop from 6 PM to the MSEP at 10 PM. (It was mostly Space Mountain and Buzz.) I've taken up looking at the FP availability for any ride wait 20/30 min or more. Excluding the few rides like Mine Train, 80% of the time...
  13. WhatJaneSays

    Google Trekker at Disney Springs

    Just chatted with a Google Trekker team taking a break and regrouping at their vehicle near Disney Springs. They said this was their first day out and they'll be doing some interiors of some locations as well over the next day or two.
  14. WhatJaneSays

    Top 5 Movies for 2016 (They did it)

    In my box office researching today I noticed that Disney currently has the top 4 spots for world wide grossing movies so far this year. Captain America 3 at 1.15 Billion Zootopia at just over 1 Billion Jungle Book at 955.6 Million Finding Dory at 916.4 Million (Batman v Superman is 5th with...
  15. WhatJaneSays

    Premium Outlets incident (6/18)

    Deputies investigate commotion at Premium Outlets Was originally reported as a potential shooting incident but now is being reported as just a fight. Looks like the outlet is still locked down for the moment; so if you were going over there today you might want to reconsider.
  16. WhatJaneSays

    Ticket extension offer

    Starting June 4th onsite guests will be given the option to add 1 or more days to their existing tickets and receive a $25 Disney gift card. This looks like it's going to run throughout the month of June if not longer. This offer only applies to people with 1-3 day tickets staying on property...
  17. WhatJaneSays

    AbracadaBar at Boardwalk

    Has anyone heard any more rumblings about AbracadaBar? I overheard a few people/CMs talking about it this afternoon and completely forgot that was supposed to be opening this summer ... like soon apparently.
  18. WhatJaneSays

    Six Parks, One Day [Trip report]

    With a well timed Orlando to Los Angeles flight and proper planning I will be attempting to visit all six Disney parks in America in one day. I've known more than a few people that have been able to pull it off and I hope to be the next one on April 6th. If all goes well I'll be sharing my...
  19. WhatJaneSays

    Häagen-Dazs & Wetzel's Pretzels moving to Town Center

    The Häagen-Dazs and Wetzel's Pretzels spots in West Side are closing April 4th. Both shops are moving to the Town Center area and are slated to reopen on May 15. Unknown if the new spots will be regular storefronts or more like the locations they have now.
  20. WhatJaneSays

    Putting Magic Band (MDX) tech into other items

    I've been thinking about the ability to take apart a magic band in order to put the tech innards into another case. Mostly I want to make something more functional for my parents to use because neither the bands or key cards really work for their needs. In the past we've just looped their bands...
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