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  1. StageFrenzy

    Planet Coaster

    Since this is the superior next gen theme park sim, it deserves it's own thread! Now the creator of this video is super talented and he shows the flexibility of the game in it's alpha state.
  2. StageFrenzy

    I Need a New Car

    Due to an unfortunate accident my precious 2013 Mini Cooper S may not make it :cry:. Now circumstances have changed since I purchased the Cooper in 2013, mainly a toddler that wasn't born when I got my fun car. The car still needs to be fun to drive since I commute 30 miles a day. I think touch...
  3. StageFrenzy

    Oculus Rift

    It finally has a release time frame, Q1 2016. Anyone besides me planning on getting one? With games like Elite: Dangerous and a resurgence in joysticks, I’ll be playing games like it’s 1995! +
  4. StageFrenzy

    Classic Mini

    For some reason I have gotten it in my head I would like a Classic Mini to match my current Mini Cooper S. Am I crazy for wanting a mid-eighties Mini?
  5. StageFrenzy

    2016 Ford Focus RS

    Looks like it will be so much fun! http://autoweek.com/article/car-news/all-wheel-drive-2016-ford-focus-rs
  6. StageFrenzy

    Detroit Auto Show

    What vehicle excites you the most at Detroit? Raptors, GT's, Santa Cruz? The Santa Cruz excites me the most because we might finally get another small truck in the US.
  7. StageFrenzy

    Over Here! On the Count of Three

  8. StageFrenzy

    GotG: universal weapon

    The game is free this week on the Apple app store. Great "buy" at the price of free.
  9. StageFrenzy

    Busch Gardens Tampa Christmas Town

    I didn't see it posted anywhere or couldn't find the thread to resurrect but BGT is doing Christmas town again this year (2014). I posess no details maybe @919Florida knows something good. Did anyone else get the Passholder magnets?
  10. StageFrenzy

    Food and drink distribution

    Currently on the Dream they are having crew get all food and drink for guests.
  11. StageFrenzy

    Care Test

  12. StageFrenzy

    Resort Fees

    I’ve been percolating on this complaint for a little bit. I feel like the hotels offsite are starting to get a bit ridiculous. I used to like going up to some of the resorts in Orlando and chilling out for the weekend. It seems like these days as the prices for some of the nice hotels have been...
  13. StageFrenzy

    Ship chandeliers

    So now that everyone has had an opportunity to see the Fantasy's Chandelier which is your favorite?
  14. StageFrenzy

    Cheetaka vs Cheetah Hunt

    So in the rumor stage of this ride Cheetaka was floating around the internet as the name of the ride and I think it sounds better and goes with the rest of the busch garden coaster names. Which do you prefer?
  15. StageFrenzy

    Animators Palette

    So the New Animators palette or the old which do you like more, the original animators palette was a big deal at the time it launched. How does the new dreamy version compare to the old one?
  16. StageFrenzy

    Steampunk Disney Game

    Alright gamers and steampunkers looks like there is a new concept for a video game so far called Epic Mickey. http://kotaku.com/5325198/this-looks-like-art-from-warren-spectors-steampunk-disney-game
  17. StageFrenzy

    Manta Soft Openings NOW

    The Setup: Manta started soft openings Saturday and I rode it twice today (Monday). When you enter the line there is relaxing sea sounding music and to the left and up is part of a tank with rays in it. As you proceed around through the line various other tanks are visible with different fish...
  18. StageFrenzy

    Opening Vinylmation

    Ok vinylmation peeps my girlfriend and i have a fresh box of Vinylmation figures and we can't decide how to open them, from the top or bottom and how did you do it.
  19. StageFrenzy

    Quick observations about the world 7/30

    Went to the world yesterday and my day can be summed up as Wet, Dry, Wet Dry. The first wet without a poncho. In fact my girlfriend and i usually walk from our car to the gate @ DHS well about half way there she observes we left the ponchos in the car... as she was saying this, i noticed it was...
  20. StageFrenzy

    Buccaneers Training Camp

    Hello Sports Fans! Is anyone going to head over to Wide World of Sports for Buccaneer training camp? Potential appearances by Brett Farve or Jeff Garcia......:lookaroun
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