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    What did you do?

    last night a nice steady 2.5 miles @ 8:25/mile. did 4.5 the evening before @ 8:10/mile. going for a 6 miler this evening, trying to keep it under 50 minutes. cool down here in northern Italy hasn't come yet :confused:
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    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    What's everyone looking forward to in this weekends matchups?
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    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    Hoping the rest of Halloween season isn't getting the same treatment..
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    Allegiant Airlines?

    I used to fly Allegiant, from Roanoke to Sanford many many times a year while going to college in Virginia. Never had an issue with Allegiant. You get exactly what you pay for. I never had a problem not receiving snacks, no movies, not knowing my seat location, etc. for the very inexpensive...
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    What did you do?

    Took the morning off running due to rain, running this evening with some cool weather. Also, registered for the Athens Marathon. :eek:
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    What would you like to see with the 3 new ships?

    I would 1000% book for this.
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    What would you like to see with the 3 new ships?

    Alice and Wonderland themed anything to be quite honest. There's such potential..
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    Raglan Road or House of Blues? Ready...go!

    Raglan Road for drinks at the bar and pretty decent entertainment. Could really care less for either at dinner. Probably some fish and chips and you couldn't go wrong at RR.
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    News IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced in 2019

    I remember always trying to beat the end of the show while speedwalking from France pavilion to the entertainment base to clock out before the masses exited. Usually would have the finale hit right as I made it backstage. Memories I won't soon forget.
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    News IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced in 2019

    Absolutely gutted that they are replacing IllumiNations. :( Although, 20 years is quite the run and I know it is about that time for updates. I'm very optimistic about the future of the night time spectacle and hoping they keep quintessential Epcot Center at the forefront with the new...
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    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    My Buckeyes are weak in the areas I thought we would be weak. Just inexperience showing that will hopefully fine tune itself throughout the season. With Bosa out and not the strongest secondary, we might get beat more than we'd like to.. Feel as if it'll put a lot of pressure on our offense to...
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    What did you do?

    5 miles @ 8:36/mi nice easy/progession run this morning. Warmup mile, 8:45, 8:35, 8:20, Cooldown mile.
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    Big River Grille at Boardwalk set to close in November?

    Yea, I was very excited for the initial announcement that it was coming, ate there once and was not blown away by any means. Never made a return visit. Probably won't. So much potential..
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    Worthwhile bars

    MY FAVES Trader Sams Grogs Grotto (Tiki Terrace outside is nice as well) Jock's Hangar Bar Mizners Raglan Road Rose and Crown Nomad Lounge The Edison Geyser Point EDIT *ALMOST FORGOT* Tune In Lounge *Abracadabar (been hit or miss for me but others enjoy it)
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