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  1. RickP330

    Running in downtown disney

    Hello all, I am going to a convention in three weeks and am staying at the Holiday Inn in downtown Disney. I'd like to get my morning runs in and was wondering if there is a map of running trails. I'd like to do a few around 5K if I can and I have to imagine there must be some nice paths to...
  2. RickP330

    Catching the last day of Food and Wine

    Hello All, I am going to a conference in Orlando and will be able to attend the last day of food and wine this year! I've done this a few times so I know what to expect, but this is a last minute development. My big question from the last time. I saw a lot of people meandering around with a...
  3. RickP330

    Epcot Food and wine 2018 dates

    Hello all, I see that some of the event planning has been released, but when can we expect the calendar with dates released? There are a few specific that I'd love to book ASAP. Please let me know if you know when this will happen. RickP
  4. RickP330

    Last second trip / no planning

    Hello all, We surprisingly I was accepted to attend a conference at the "B" resort from Monday to Wednesday next week. Plans were just finalized this morning. That leaves me with what, 3 days to plan? No ADR's no Fast passes nothing. Worse I'll be attending the conference until around 3:30...
  5. RickP330

    AKL / BC Club level advance check in

    Hello all, We are staying club level this trip and wondering about the on line check in. I know when you check in at the desk you can kind of negotiate for a room of your liking (close to an elevator, better view etc.) That is the time to ask if anything unique has opened up. We are tempted...
  6. RickP330

    AKL Campfire time

    Hello all, We will be staying in BC then AKL in 20 days! Is there a list of activity times somewhere I can look up? We are specifically interested in what time the campfire starts at AKL in the evening. Much TIA Rick
  7. RickP330


    So I am watching the trailer for the new Tomorrowland movie and thinking where I have seen this before? Pirates of the Caribbean? The ride inspires the movie, and movie re-inspires the ride? Tomorrowland is ripe for the picking. I may have missed the thread here, but I'm hoping that is what...
  8. RickP330

    Early trip plannng strategies

    Hello All, Planning way ahead now we are looking at August in 2016, more than a year away. Rooms and rates are not even open yet, so the slate is totally clean. We are considering doing our first resort hopping trip. With a stay at AKL and GF. What are the milestones to watch for, when do...
  9. RickP330

    Pre-Trip Post as you go, a Frozen summer vacation!!!!

    Ok everyone, this is it!! Finishing up packing and getting to bed. Early flight in the am!!! PORS first then EPCOT tomorrow!!! RP
  10. RickP330

    Si Fi Restaurant

    Hello all, We have rather late reservations at the Si-Fi restaurant coming up. There are three of us. My Girlfriend and I plus my daughter. DD is 7 years old. We found a much better time earlier, but it is only for 2. Do you know how strict this is? Can we make reservations for two and...
  11. RickP330

    Pre-Trip Small trip turns to a full week and add Frozen to the mix

    Hello All, It’s been a while since I posted but I’ve been lurking. We have 26 days to go to our next trip. This started life a while ago as a short trip just to get a Disney hit in this summer, but we extended it twice and now have a full week! Let’s just cut to the chase next time! Last...
  12. RickP330

    August 2014 Trip / countdown clock started!!!

    Whoo Hooo!! Well after planning not to return until 2015 we caved in a booked a trip for 2014!! We pulled the trigger yesterday. Our problem is the following. We are already under 180 days. 156 to be exact. We were able to score the mandatory BBB and CRT reservations. However the BOG is...
  13. RickP330

    Trip Report DD in WDW without me :-(

    Hey Gang, It's been a while for me an no Disney hit, and nothing planned for the moment :-( My DD just left this morning to WDW with her mother (we are divorced and DD is 6yo, relationship with the ex is awesome though). I'll be kept in the loop throughout the trip, so maybe I can enjoy...
  14. RickP330

    No countdown clock :-(

    Hi Guys, Feeling the blues. We returned from our last trip two weeks ago and it's a bummer not having a countdown clock to watch or plans to make.... I think the next trip we plan I will do through KK and I suspect it will be just DGF and I. I love the food and wine and so perhaps in 2014 we...
  15. RickP330

    Trip Report Post as we go - Princess vs the yeti trip!

    Hello All, I did a PTR, but since we are leaving tomorrow am I figured I would start this thread and get used to posting via phone! Less then 12 hours to go!!! All Packed, but the carry ons. We are getting ready to sit down and watch Peter Pan, it's my favorite and we all figured we would...
  16. RickP330

    Pre-Trip Princesses vs. the Yeti trip!

    Hello All, Well, I only have 8 more days to get ready - so what better way then with a pre-trip report!!! I want to try a post as you go report as well and I now see we can post photos so lets see how that goes. Who: RickP - Myself 42YO male, Mechanical Engineer by trade Maureen - My DGF...
  17. RickP330

    Room Requests at AKL Club level

    Hello All, I just went through the on line check in for my resort. There was a link for "Room Requests" and the following options popped up: Ground Floor Highest Floor Upper Floor Kudu Trail View Near Lobby Lower Floor Near Elevator Near Transporation Sunset Savanna View Since we are...
  18. RickP330

    Getting close 26 days! First day plan...

    Hello all, What do you think about our first day. We arrive in Orlando at 10:25, pick up rental car and drive to AKL. I thought we would take the first day to enjoy the resort and pool perhaps. We made reservations for Citricos at 5:30 for dinner. From there I thought we would hop on the...
  19. RickP330

    Photo test

    This work?
  20. RickP330

    Trip all planned, now my Niece wants to come?

    Hello all, Okay well past the 180 day reservation mark (96 days today) and I get a text from my Niece stating she would like ot go. Okay - not a big deal but what about all of my ADR's? Will it be hard to add a diner to all of those? What else am I not thinking about? Just curious - thanks...
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