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  1. J

    If you were to renovate Space Mountain...

    I would take a more conservative approach, doing the following: Add space themed projections (nebula, asteroids, etc). Upgrade the star effect (london scene from peter pan's flight comes to mind). Paint the entire attraction to be a more coherent theme. Move the entrance back to the front and...
  2. J

    Idea to solve the Submarine Voyage, Autopia, and Monorail swiss cheese. And more.

    Submarine Voyage turned into a dry ride system (e.g. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Tokyo DisneySea), and rethemed back into exploration of liquid space (important for Tomorrowland theme). Autopia rethemed entirely into off-road adventure, and entrance moved (see below). Innoventions completely...
  3. J

    Is Disney trolling us now? Space Mountain post-refurbishment.

    After close to 14 years of neglect, they finally got around to dealing with the pulsating blue tunnel, but guess what? Just 7 out of the 12 rows are completely illuminated now. That, and one individual bulb, in a different row, in very prominent location. Also, there was no return to the rows...
  4. J

    Share your anecdotal experiences on the changes to crowd patterns.

    I used crowd calendars in the past to only be disappointed. And keep reading comments such as "the best days are now when the most passholders are blacked out", "weekends are better than weekdays now", or "summer is the new off-season". But just how accurate is this in your own experiences? It...
  5. J

    Is it time Disney bring back ticket books?

    Now, you might say "whoa, general admission makes things equal", but hear me out: As crowds worsen and become more unpredictable, it is now a game of chance of how busy it'll be when you visit and how many rides you'll be able to enjoy that day. But if Disney were to bring back ticket books; it...
  6. J

    Is maintenance as bad today as in the 90's?

    I can't help but notice on recent trips just how poorly things are being maintained; especially light bulbs. For instance, Space Mountain reopened with 50% of light bulbs in the flashing blue tunnel between lifts burned out.
  7. J

    Let's discuss that rumor of the elimination of no charge Fastpass!

    What are your thoughts? I recently had a thought about how it could actually be a good thing for everyone! Let me explain: By charging enough, far less people would use it, but positives do come with that: • tourists, with limited time to visit, would benefit from the purchase of it. •...
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