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  1. tinkerblonde11

    First Trip in February?

    Hi everyone, my sister is planning on running the Disney half marathon in February so my family will be making a week vacation out of it. The only times we have ever gone to the World are in the hot and crowded summer months of August and occasionally July, so I was hoping someone would have...
  2. tinkerblonde11

    Guillermo del Toro's Haunted Mansion

    I apologize if there is a post like this... Does anyone know what's happening with the new Haunted Mansion movie surrounding the Hat Box ghost, which was to be made by Guillermo del Toro? I remember reading about it a while ago and thinking how great it would be to have an actually creepy HM...
  3. tinkerblonde11

    The Big Drive

    My mom is terrified of flying so whenever we go to WDW, we drive... from CT... 24 hours in total. Since we can't drive 24 hours straight we usually try to reach South Carolina or even Georgia, stop in a hotel, and reach Disney for check-in the day after. Haven't done it for 6 years, but prepping...
  4. tinkerblonde11

    Current mugs?

    My family hasn't been to the World in about six years I was wondering what the current souvenir mug situation was? We had gone when there were specific mugs for each resort, then when there was only one mug for the "Happiest Celebration on Earth." May I ask what the current mugs offered are like?
  5. tinkerblonde11

    Finally going back to our second home!

    My family has not been to WDW in over 6 years, when before that time period we had gone nearly every summer for a while. It had gotten to the point where I was entering high school soon and we just didn't appreciate it in full any longer. We took a break. A sad, long break. But alas, since I am...
  6. tinkerblonde11

    "Selfies" with characters?

    Very random but I was thinking in the age of the selfie... has anyone seen people doing this with characters rather than the traditional have someone else take a picture? Especially with the face characters
  7. tinkerblonde11

    Hugging the Villains?

    This is probably a really dumb question, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. How do the villains react to hugs? I am a giant Jafar fan and would absolutely love to take a picture hugging him, but thinking about that I wasn't sure how it would go! Anyone hug and be playful with the villains...
  8. tinkerblonde11

    If you could explore one attraction, which would it be?

    Explore as in walk around the animatronics, sceneries, and take a look in all the nooks and crannies, even turn the lights on and see how everything operates. For me it would be the HM. So many little details, I love it!
  9. tinkerblonde11

    My friend proceeded to tell me WDW is only for little kids

    I proceeded to roll my eyes, yell a little, and then lecture him. I love him, but can't look at him the same way. Anyone else get bugged when people say this?
  10. tinkerblonde11

    Possibly (hopefully) going this summer...

    I'm graduating from high school June 1st and due to the cost of school, we haven't been able to take a WDW trip for 5 years straight. Before we had gone almost every summer and Disney became a second home to me, somewhere I grew up. I have grown a lot since the last time I went and have so many...
  11. tinkerblonde11

    Fear of a Ride?

    So I'm terrified... petrified... of ToT. Like, I'm so frightened of dropping rides it's not even funny. Not funny at all. However, I genuinely want to ride and experience ToT because I love Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone and the queue and ride itself looks awesome. It's just the dropping...
  12. tinkerblonde11

    Minnie Mouse Mishap

    My last Disney trip while my family was standing in line for a picture with Minnie and Mickey, Minnie's white underwear fell right down! Or I suppose they were bloomers? But two cast members had to run over and pull them back up, meanwhile Mickey went over to the men in the line and covered...
  13. tinkerblonde11

    Fastpass System and EMH?

    How does the Fastpass System work now exactly? I haven't been to Disney in about 5 years, where you would put your Key into the FP kiosk, and get the paper with the name of the ride and the times you can go ride it within. Does this still happen? Or is it different? I got confused now with the...
  14. tinkerblonde11

    Am I the only one who misses Spectro?

    I understand that change is great, but I really enjoyed Spectromagic. I still walk around my house singing the song! I see so many people saying they hated it and are ecstatic for a new parade. I'm a little crushed by its death. Anyone with me? :(
  15. tinkerblonde11

    Why is Ariel's Adventure ride an e-ticket?

    I was just wondering about this. From what I know e-ticket rides are fast and thrilling (i.e. Splash Mountain and The Tower of Terror). I heard that Ariel's Adventure is going to be an omnimover. Why is this an e-ticket? Omnimovers move very slow. I would love another e-ticket, but I just kinda...
  16. tinkerblonde11

    Teenagers at MNSSHP?

    I found out that we may be going down to Disney in October. I'm the only kid that's going and I'm 13. I just wanna know if teenagers usually enjoy MNSSHP or it is mainly for the kiddies?
  17. tinkerblonde11

    Question About Celebrating Birthdays

    Hey everyone, Okay so i'm going to be taking a trip down to Disney for about a week in October. My birthday is on Halloween but because of personal reasons, we cannot go that week. We were thinking now about going towards the middle of the month but I would really like to celebrate my 14th...
  18. tinkerblonde11

    *--*Guess The Character*--*

    Can you guess the Disney character by the description? Once you say your answer, add another description so the fun can continue. :) Enjoy ---- I'll never grow up, my enemy is a pirate, I run a gang of "Lost Boys".
  19. tinkerblonde11

    Disney World for my Halloween Birthday!

    Hi! I just found out that I'm going to be going to Disney World for my birthday (I'm a Halloween baby :fork: lol). I'm soo excited! I have a few questions though. I'll be turning fourteen by the way.:) 1. How crowded are the parks around Halloween? 2. Since it's my birthday, will anything...
  20. tinkerblonde11

    Woman in American Adventure?

    Hi, I'm doing a report on someone who has touched many lives. I'm wondering who the woman in the booth in the American Adventure attraction. She is in the scene with the fireworks in the background. Was she a woman activist or 'suffregette'??
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