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  1. Cody5294

    Dine with John Lasseter at Citricos at the F&W Festival

    On October 19, at 12:30 p.m. you can dine with john and his wife Nancy. It will cost $130. disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2012/09/meet-john-lasseter-celebrity-chef-cat-cora-at-epcot-international-food-wine-fest-dinners/ It seems like John is going to be in WDW for a bit ;)
  2. Cody5294

    Tangled Bathrooms Opening Date?

    Are the new bathrooms suspose to open by the December 6th FLE Grand Opening?
  3. Cody5294

    Test Track 2.0 Under the Radar

    It seems like test track 2.0 is under the radar with all of the hype surrounding the FLE opening around the same time. Do you guys think test track will blow away ur guys expectantations since Disney isn't hyping it at all?
  4. Cody5294

    posting photos

    What do I copy from Photobucket to post a picture on here
  5. Cody5294


    I wasn't born in epcots golden age and I see a lot of ppl wanting Horizons back. What mase horizons so special and if they did bring it back what could they do with the ride
  6. Cody5294


    With the rumored jungle cruise rehab on the horizon (reported by screamscape today), I believe that the rehab will be all the love we would see for Adventureland for a while. I do though think it will do the land good but I think our dream of a Indy clone won't happen for a while if ever. After...
  7. Cody5294

    Why DHS is a full day park for me

    To many DHS is considered a half day park. For me I can easily spend a full day there. Here is why: 1) I normally ride Star Tours 3-4 times a visit 2) I ride TOT and RnRC 2-3 times each 3) I ride TSM once 4) I might get attacked for this but I do go and see AIE 2-3 times a visit (including the...
  8. Cody5294

    Construction walls along the entrance way coming into fantasmic

    There are constructiom walls along the walkway coming into Fantasmic. The area that is under construction is huge and there is piles of dirt everywhere and there are construction vehicles on site. I'll post a picture once I get home tonight. Anyone know what is going on over there?
  9. Cody5294

    Huge Disney announcement coming this weekend?

    A member of WDW Lines hinted at a huge announcement that Disney was suspose to make today but it was bumped up till tomorrow. Does any of our insiders no anything about this announcement or if its just a hoax?
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