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  1. helenabear

    The Official Gay Days Trip Planning Thread

    Red shirt day was still a week ago. Only one part decided to move it to Aug. There was a sea of red at MK on the 1st when Pride Month actually is anyway.
  2. helenabear

    Passing on DVC - One of Life’s Regrets

    Personally unless you knew you would continually go so much, it's not a bad idea that you held off. I was going regularly for years and finally bought in after a while when I did the math. Does it mean I regret spending cash on just a room? Nope, it worked the way it was supposed to for us...
  3. helenabear

    Warning if staying at Poly

    You are totally right to be upset by it and not happy with that much loud construction especially early in the morning. I'm with you I know they have to do construction, but geez. I am just sorry that this has put a small damper on your trip. I am just shocked I didn't see it and we rode that...
  4. helenabear

    Paid DVC event at TOTWL for July 4th

    Love it when Disney changes their mind like that to the detriment of those staying...
  5. helenabear

    Warning if staying at Poly

    Wow, I just got back and didn't see anything that I can recall. I know they want to redo some things in the future for the 50th coming up but wasn't aware the TTC was getting something (I know Epcot sure the heck is!)
  6. helenabear

    Daily Trash Service

    Glad to help. I may or may not have written a not as nice as I normally I am kind of response to it all when they first announced it ;) I wasn't rude, but I was more firm in my displeasure.
  7. helenabear

    Daily Trash Service

    It was both. More going to wages, but they did reconfirm that part of the dues were going to that. When I had contacted DVC initially about this, they did confirm to me even in 2017 that we would be paying for them.
  8. helenabear

    Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. Yacht Club

    You chose to take it the way you did with your way of measuring. Time and distance makes for something *more* centrally located than another place (like MK). That was my point. Granted I could've been more clear but I haven't had the time to be totally eloquent in my posts (redoing a kitchen...
  9. helenabear

    Daily Trash Service

    We are absolutely paying for this in our dues. It's in part of why they went up this year. This has been in effect since 2018 so it's nothing new in terms of costs for us at this point.
  10. helenabear

    Garbage Can Liners

    Just got back and all of our had liners. I normally wouldn't notice but this thread made me check LOL
  11. helenabear

    Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. Yacht Club

    Where do you get those distances? I have significantly different mileage than this. Not to mention travel time. Edit: I think you did as the crow flies which is not helpful really. The distance via roads are significantly different.
  12. helenabear

    Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. Yacht Club

    Not sure why people keep thinking it is sooooo far away. It's more centrally located than the MK resorts are...
  13. helenabear

    Is it worth shipping food staples to a resort?

    Cost totally depends. We price everything we need out and go with the cheapest give or take. With our DVC discount, turns out the grocery delivery for resorts (fees included) was cheaper than Instacart. But sometimes it's more expensive. It really all depends on what you want. We like Prime...
  14. helenabear

    EMH: Useful, worth it? Views?

    We avoid EMH as a whole. We don't like rushing on vacation and so morning EMH are out. Since we keep to regular bed times, often night EMH are out too. So we just skip and enjoy quieter parks.
  15. helenabear

    Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. Yacht Club

    I go with the one you haven't done before. Love both resorts for different reasons, but I say you should go with something new :)
  16. helenabear

    Swan/Dolphin or new tower at Coronado Springs?

    Totally agree with this!
  17. helenabear

    Has anyone seen any sign of life in the fountain of nations?

    The fountains were going off on Friday as we left. Saw them a few other times during our trip this past week as well :)
  18. helenabear

    Regular room with DVC points?

    The short version is they are really separate entities (DVC and regular rooms) and they have to trade in to get them, so they cost more. I did it once years ago when I bought my resale that had Disney collection points in holding as part of the contract. It was I think 134 points for 4 night at...
  19. helenabear

    Stupid question, lol this is quicker than the website.

    Just certain items. The discount helps also bring it close in price. Granted if your items are on sale at Publix it will be more. Our receipt including delivery was $49.93. Instacart was $51.25 with delivery/tip. Prime Now was $49.81. Our list included milk, deli turkey, cheese, bread, bagels...
  20. helenabear

    Stupid question, lol this is quicker than the website.

    I'm actually now quite in favor of the Disney grocery delivery. We don't really drink much and only get beer if certain family likes it. The end result was Disney was as cheap as the cheaper delivery services and it was right there in our room. Garden Grocer and Dizzy dolphin have always been...
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