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  1. twilight mitsuk

    Disney rmc

    Will disney ever use Rocky Mountain construction as ride builder
  2. twilight mitsuk

    the worst witch

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Worst_Witch Could the Worst Witch series work as WDW's answer to potter
  3. twilight mitsuk

    New hard ticket events

    Create your own hard ticket event
  4. twilight mitsuk

    Disney quest demolition watch

    Post status of Disney quest demolition here
  5. twilight mitsuk

    day after closing

    When an attraction permanently closes, does construction on the replacement start the next day?
  6. twilight mitsuk

    mulan ride

    Imagineer a mulan ride for the china pavillion
  7. twilight mitsuk

    flogging molly coming to WDW tomorrow!!!!!

  8. twilight mitsuk

    live small world dolls

  9. twilight mitsuk

    IASW refurbishment

    What are they doing during the current IASW refurb
  10. twilight mitsuk

    NOJ horror stories

    Any CMs with a NOJ horror story?
  11. twilight mitsuk

    metal detector installation

    Any signs of permanent metal detector installations yet such as at bag check.
  12. twilight mitsuk

    WDWmagic running gages

    What are some running gags on this site
  13. twilight mitsuk

    no 24hr party this year?

    nNo signs of a 24hr party this year.
  14. twilight mitsuk

    IASW refurbishment cancelled?

    Is it rumored that the upcoming IASW refurbishment has been cancelled?
  15. twilight mitsuk

    COP cast member stories

    any carousel of progress cast member stories out there?
  16. twilight mitsuk

    are the toy guns coming back?

    Any chance the toy guns will come back to the stores in the pakrs?
  17. twilight mitsuk

    magic eye previews

    What is the next showing after tomorrowland and inside out previews?
  18. twilight mitsuk

    IASW post-refurb

    Any Changes during the recent IASW refurb?
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