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    TWDC/WDW Parks and Resorts Finance

    Anyone have experience working in any sort of Finance/Budgeting/Business role with TWDC or Parks and Resorts? Definitely something I'm looking at down the road (5-10 year plan possibly) so any and all advice for resume building or professional growth/courses/certifications I should keep an eye...
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    2018 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival!

    The 2018 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival begins today! I'd love to see everyone's photos/reviews/etc. of your favorite menu items you try! Excited to hear everyone's favorites!
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    Millennium Village

    Millennium Village is still to this day one of my favorite experiences/memories I've had at Epcot. It's crazy how distinct I remember mini golf in the Scotland portion of the village. It was something I had to do every time I visited! What are some memories you have of Millennium Village?
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    Selling Disney Parks Merchandise on eBay

    Exclusive merchandise, Passholder giveaways and other Disney Parks items are becoming harder to acquire with eBay resellers buying merchandise in bulk to flip online. Personally, I don't think it should be difficult to get specific merchandise if you are at the park, rope dropping the day it...
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    Financing vs. Purchasing Upfront

    Financing vs. Purchasing Upfront Hello! I’m currently progressing towards making a decision on DVC membership! (YAY) (“when” not “if”) As an MBA, I know that without including any variables, financing with the added interest will always cost more vs purchasing something outright or upfront...
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    Hi! I'm Jim!

    Hi, my name is Jim! I'm an (Orlando) local, recently relocated to Italy (with the military)! I've been (and still currently am) an Annual Passholder my entire life as well as a few years as a Photopass Cast Member part time at Epcot! I'll be here (overseas) for a few years, (Hello Disneyland...
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