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  1. mhaftman7

    Ordering Magic Bands

    It appears they have sold out of all the themed bands and only solids remain. Anyone know when the themed ones will be restocked?
  2. mhaftman7

    Strollers aren't the problem!

    I’m done with y’all. Hopefully this thread gets blown out of the water. Y’all are ridiculous. Y’ALL are the problem at Disney and even not at Disney. People are in MY way. People are limiting MY fun. Y’all want to play the “people who use the entitlement card” game when low key Y’ALL are the one...
  3. mhaftman7

    Strollers aren't the problem!

    Why is this so complicated? If you need a stroller, stroll responsibly. Be as mindful as you can about running into people. If you do, apologize. Saying nothing doesn’t help the situation. The majority of every concern in this thread can be resolved by people just being patient, humble, and...
  4. mhaftman7

    Mickey Not So Scary Party 2019

    Definitely worth it. We went last year and will do again this year. We go in August but the lines were 20 minutes or less for every ride. In fact the only ride that was 20 minutes was 7DMT. Definitely worth it.
  5. mhaftman7

    Strollers aren't the problem!

    Lighten up, Francis
  6. mhaftman7

    Strollers aren't the problem!

    This thread is a trip. The hypocrisy is real. So many people complaining about people with strollers, or scooters, or weight issues, or wait issues (see what I did there), or etiquette issues, and you then proceed to entitlement. It really comes off that some of y’all have the entitlement...
  7. mhaftman7

    Mountain Climber Certificate

    To achieve this accomplishment, other than actually visiting each park, what requirements did you have to achieve? At least one ride?
  8. mhaftman7

    Mountain Climber Certificate

    Does anyone know if this is a thing? I’ve read a couple of accounts where BWI guests who fast pass all three mountains at MK have gotten a certificate under the door.
  9. mhaftman7

    Caribbean Beach Concern

    We were booked with a “water view” as part of offer. Which, in your opinion, has the better option? Why would you request those buildings?
  10. mhaftman7

    Caribbean Beach Concern

    When it comes to Disney, I’m a planner. I like having as little surprises as possible. Obviously weather is an X factor but it is what it is. That being said, I’m starting to have concerns about our August trip. We got a bounce back to stay at CBR, so it definitely is a great deal, but between...
  11. mhaftman7

    News Height requirements for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rides and details on FastPass+

    Kinda of a stupid question, but anyone know if there will be a soft opening? We are leaving 5 days before it opens and I’d hate to have to wait a year to see everything.
  12. mhaftman7

    New Refillable Mugs from 3/7/19

    Yay. New mugs for our August trip. Thank Walt!
  13. mhaftman7

    Avengers 4!

    So crazy theory time. I have this feeling that the gut punch in A4 will be Tony sacrificing himself and Cap retiring so that someone else can take over the mantle. He can’t go back due to the events of Civil War. I’d also rule out Falcon for the same reason. Would they give it to The Winter...
  14. mhaftman7

    Disney Emoji Blitz

    I’ve been hooked. I generally play it when I have a couple minutes here and there.
  15. mhaftman7

    Port Orleans Riverside vs. Coronado Springs

    Wow. It was week long of me abusing the word “really”. Family reunion. Only 20 people, but asked travel agent (last time I used a travel agent too) to block off the appropriate number of rooms on the ground floor due to my MIL, needing an ECV. “No problem” I got. Of all the buildings on...
  16. mhaftman7

    Port Orleans Riverside vs. Coronado Springs

    I had a really bad experience at POR, so I’m blinded by that. If you don’t mind the construction, CSR is very nice. To me, I wouldn’t care about the construction and save the $360.
  17. mhaftman7

    Question for those who stay in the values.

    It has always cracked me up when people have debates on which resort grouping is the most attractive. Yes, the Deluxe ones are great, I personally am a HUGE fan of Beach Club due to its walking distance to EPCOT, but we never spend enough time at the resort to worry about the amenities. Get up...
  18. mhaftman7

    News Star Wars themed resort confirmed

    Why not a tram similar to the ones at MCO that get you from the terminal to the baggage claim? Just make it so you cannot see the outside. Shouldn’t be that complicated to pull off. Have a special elevator that goes to this area and have magic windows that simulate the ship landing when going...
  19. mhaftman7

    Pirates ride, where's the mermaids?

    Sorry if this was already covered, but when/why were the skeletal remains removed right before the drop? I could I swore I saw them there as recently as last year, but they were gone this time.
  20. mhaftman7

    Disney Emoji Blitz

    I’m hooked on this game. I actually avoided playing during the last event to get Mal as a prize and ended up saving up 23 lives for the new event. The final prize says Winifred Sanderson, Hat Box Ghost, or Capt. Barbossa. I’d love any of the three. Make sure to jump in on Halloween for a free...
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