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  1. Fable McCloud

    Pirates Effects

    Isn't it just awful? It makes the older ones look so cheap.
  2. Fable McCloud

    I am!

    I am!
  3. Fable McCloud

    Pirates Effects

    Sorry, didn't realize the post existed...
  4. Fable McCloud

    Pirates Effects

    So, the mist featuring Davy Jones/Blackbeard is now off. Is this official? I also heard the "Dead Men Tell No Tales" original ride audio was back. Is this confirmed? I'm just wondering of these are permanent changes, because it would be nice to see LESS movie tie-ins. They could make a movie...
  5. Fable McCloud

    What is this?

    Oh, what about an Egypt Pavilion? That'd be so cool!
  6. Fable McCloud

    What is this?

    Blast! I really hoped it was the base for a new Pavilion.... thanks for the help!
  7. Fable McCloud

    What is this?

    I was showing a student something about EPCOT (We were checking out the status of the France Pavilion). Then we noticed the big construction area between Germany and China. Any idea what's going in here? Is it a new thing?
  8. Fable McCloud

    If you could sit in one spot...

    I forgot all about the Katsura Grill garden area!! I LOVE sitting under the trees and watching the waterfall, being on the small bridge above everything. Japan's Pavilion in general is really nice to just chill out in. It's a hidden gem for sure.
  9. Fable McCloud

    If you could sit in one spot...

    Used to be at the tables at Sleepy Hollow, the ones next to the moat. We would eat a nice breakfast and watch the ducks in the water while the sun came up behind the castle. No one ever used that hidden path there either... Not sure now. We'll have to find a new spot next trip.
  10. Fable McCloud


    That's flipping fabulous!
  11. Fable McCloud

    Why are some people snobby and poke fun at people who vacation at Disney?

    I prefer to be active on vacation, and more specifically, I don't want to drive. I love going to WDW because they pick me up at the airport (and bring me back) and offer shuttles /monorails/boats from place to place. I don't have to drive in an unfamiliar place, which cause me to stress less...
  12. Fable McCloud

    Big Reveal, New Logo

    Such a shame, because I'd pay extra for a picture with those droids...
  13. Fable McCloud

    Big Reveal, New Logo

    BB8 was barely in the last Star Wars...why not use R2-D2 and C3PO? I mean BB8 is adorable, but I dunno... Also, why not just change the name? Call it "Disney's Movie Park". "Disney's Movie Land"? Don't even keep the studios part, since there isn't anything movie making related anymore. Or...
  14. Fable McCloud

    Harbinger of the Apocalypse Day 1 No wagons and smoke

    So if you're a smoker and you have a pass for 1 park a day, can you exit for a cigarette and be allowed back in (provided you go through security a 2nd time)? My parents are going soon and while dad's quitting, mom isn't there yet. They don't typically get the park hopper because they stay in...
  15. Fable McCloud

    Popular rides/attractions you've (intentionally) never experienced

    I've never made it to Country Bear Jamboree or Tom Sawyer Island. Mostly due to plain old forgetting. I prioritize some attractions because of how busy or how nostalgic they are, and by the time I realize I'd skipped those again, I'm home lol.
  16. Fable McCloud

    Dark theme?

  17. Fable McCloud

    Are the feelings for the Yeti unreasonable?

    It really wouldn't be so awful if all the publicity shots show the darned thing in "A" mode. When we took our first trip in 2007, the videos all showed it being terrifying and made such a big deal, with everyone talking about it being the largest, and most advanced AA. What was advertised was...
  18. Fable McCloud

    Star Wars Land Demand vs Capacity

    I've got a feeling it's going to look like the lines that snake through the mall when the newsest smart phones release.... a 3 hour wait just to get into SW:GE, then 5 hour waits for each attraction. There won't be enough merchandise to keep up with demand, either. A lot of people didn't even...
  19. Fable McCloud

    So why weren't there many strollers back in the day?

    I have to wonder how difficult to enforce that would be. Could you imagined if the ride stopped every time someone took a flash picture? I don't think anyone would have an uninterrupted ride at that point. Most of the dark rides say some form of "no flash pictures" (PoTC and HM for sure do)...
  20. Fable McCloud

    Magic Kingdom losing evening EMHs?

    I admit that I'm generally an early riser, but my husband is not. When we're on vacation though, we like to sleep in a bit, have something to eat, then get going. MK is my favorite park, and I want to stay through the Goodnight Kiss. It's going to be a lot harder if it's always EMH in the...
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