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  1. DisFanMark

    Did anyone here move to Orlando specifically for the parks?

    Check out 'Taking the Florida Plunge' on Facebook for a lot of feedback on this subject. We moved here partially for Disney but not 'specifically for' Disney. I can't say the magic has faded but it has become different. But we also don't go every day nor live 'on top of' Disney either.
  2. DisFanMark

    I'm overthinking the FL Resident ticket, right? Why would they add the "non-consecutive days" blurb?

    Legalese to keep Disney from being sued by someone who buys the tickets and then uses them on 3 consecutive days because they think they have to. So, using that verbiage covers them legally as it clearly states that use on non-consecutive days *is allowed*.
  3. DisFanMark

    Cheeseburger Egg Rolls?

    The cheeseburger spring rolls are sold at the Adventureland Egg Roll Wagon but they rotate the varieties regularly so don't always have the cheeseburger ones.
  4. DisFanMark

    Galaxy's Edge (Disneyland) Entry News

    Example: https://www.ocregister.com/2019/03/28/disneyland-will-limit-galaxys-edge-access-to-hotel-guests-and-theme-park-visitors-with-reservations-during-soft-opening/
  5. DisFanMark

    Galaxy's Edge (Disneyland) Entry News

    This info has been confirmed by Disney via a press release sent out last Thursday.
  6. DisFanMark

    Dole Whip at Universal!!!

  7. DisFanMark

    Dole Whip at Universal!!!

    Anyone can buy Dole Whip mix and sell it...even Universal. ;-) You can even buy it on Amazon yourself.
  8. DisFanMark

    News New segment name for the Theme Park division within Walt Disney Co.

    They've been using that designation since at least mid-November, when they launched the new website.
  9. DisFanMark

    You don't need to visit WDW for a Mickey Bar.

    What also adds punch is using real premium ice cream and bittersweet chocolate in the Parks' ice cream bar as opposed to low-fat ice cream and cocoa powder in the store version. ;-) There's a reason the word 'Premium' is on the packaging at the Parks and not on the store box.
  10. DisFanMark

    Mickeys Backyard BBQ

    It closed for good as the new Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge will be built on that land.
  11. DisFanMark

    Frozen Desert party when will May 2019 open?

  12. DisFanMark

    Frozen Desert party when will May 2019 open?

    You can also try the new “IllumiNations” Dining Package.
  13. DisFanMark

    Frozen Desert party when will May 2019 open?

  14. DisFanMark

    Frozen Desert party when will May 2019 open?

    I see availability all through to 5/31/19.
  15. DisFanMark

    Star Wars Land Opening Dates

    Even more likely is early to mid-November. As Disney now has their own CMs portraying SW characters, the 501st wouldn't likely be officially involved. But there would likely be many members there in costume, if allowed, unofficially.
  16. DisFanMark

    Resort Hopping at Star Wars Hotel?

    This hotel is planned to be restricted. This is why it has private entrances to and from Star Wars Land, etc. It's also why it's a 2-night experience at such a very high rate. So, no, you likely won't be able to visit unless reserving rooms there.
  17. DisFanMark

    Annual pass Blockout question

    For me it's about 50/50.
  18. DisFanMark

    Annual pass Blockout question

    The true answer is "it depends on the CM at the gate". If they are scanning your MagicBand as they are supposed to, then no you won't be allowed to park. I've been turned away at the MK when trying to park there to do a monorail resort hop. If they just look at your band, as many do as...
  19. DisFanMark

    Wait Lines for New Gondolas

    Per Disney, fall of 2019. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/11/first-look-disney-skyliner-gondola-at-walt-disney-world-resort/
  20. DisFanMark

    Australian Disneyland

    The population does an awesome job of supporting Dreamworld, Sea World, Warner Brothers Movie World and others; all in the same area where the original project was scheduled to be built; which is itself a huge tourist area (like Central Florida and Southern California).
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