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  1. dreamfinder

    Disney Gift Cards...

    Very few locations don't accept Disney gift cards. Some of the 3rd party vendors might not, or some of the carts/roaming sales points might not. But that's about it, and usually those ones have a workaround where you can go to the certain store/register, pay for it, and then show them your...
  2. dreamfinder

    Discount Tickets?

    Can't say buying single day tickets is ever better. Buying a multi day ticket will almost always be cheaper than buying individual tickets. @lentesta and the team at TouringPlans has a ticket calculator here ->...
  3. dreamfinder

    Favorite WDW restaurants for kids

    Costs vs returns. Guest satisfaction is no longer the priority it once was. They would rather only staff as many cast members as they know they will need rather than chance having a CM be staffed (even at service wages) and not be needed. Each location in the parks is essentially run as it's...
  4. dreamfinder

    News Holiday decor and entertainment to expand to all lands at Disney's Animal Kingdom in 2019

    I'd take a very different approach on this. Holiday decorations at AK used to be constrained to an area where it wouldn't impact the overall theming. Camp Minnie Mickey wasn't Asia, or Africa, so Christmas decorations aren't in the least bit out of place. Ditto for Dinoland. But stuffing...
  5. dreamfinder

    Food Courts

    All resorts have some sort of CS location. As the cost of the resort goes up, the food selection usually goes down. The values have a large food court, several "windows" each usually offering a different style of food. The moderates have similar, but not quite as large. The deluxes usually...
  6. dreamfinder

    What did you do?

    2.15 again today.
  7. dreamfinder

    Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend

    They dropped the 5k down to 3 corrals? Ouch.
  8. dreamfinder

    Favorite WDW restaurants for kids

    I wouldn't say it is unthinkable to do TS dining in parks without reservations, just a challenge. You stand a decent shot of getting something at Epcot, due to the sheer number of locations. Other parks will be much harder. If you have kids, then you will really want to consider ADRs as most...
  9. dreamfinder

    Havana Nights at The Edison combines Latin music, salsa dancing, and specialty craft cocktails

    Sounds like they are trying to fill a market that Bongos was covering.
  10. dreamfinder

    What did you do?

    2.15 today
  11. dreamfinder

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    The 10k is an interesting choice. Nothing against Oswald, but the design doesn't follow trend. Normally the icon/shirt only shows the icons for the parks you run through. That holds true for the other logos, but the 10k has all 4 parks on it. Strange.
  12. dreamfinder

    Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend

    At a runDisney race, at least the 1/2 or full distances, a D corral is actually not in the back. (5k & 10k I think is only A-E) Thats in the middle, as in 2019 Marathon weekend they had A-H I believe. They definitely honor proof of times, as long as you follow their directions. I've never had...
  13. dreamfinder

    Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend

    Not sure what you mean. If you do a runDisney race, and want to be in a corral towards the front, then you need to submit proof of time from another race. It's not necessary, but if you don't then you will be in the last corrals. Alternately, you can use your runDisney times for other events...
  14. dreamfinder

    What did you do?

    Did a 5k Sat (but the results said 3.3 miles. Shrug) pushing the jogger, I forgot how many hills this course had. Still ended up getting 2nd somehow. Sun did 3.4 with DW and jogger. Was the strangest run/walk I have ever done. Our DS wanted to run with us, so it was run, walk, stop & get...
  15. dreamfinder

    What did you do?

    Yet again, 2.1ish. Definitely been blah weather here as well. Can't wait for the sun to show up again.
  16. dreamfinder

    What did you do?

    2.1ish again today. I may be, but my body sure as heck doesn't think so. Between knees, hips, and feet I've gone from 6-7 solid runs a week down to 2-3 "meh" runs a week, if I'm lucky. I feel like a slug and quite frankly, miss not running as much. Glad to see everyone is putting in the...
  17. dreamfinder

    What did you do?

    2.15ish on TM today, I'm getting old...
  18. dreamfinder

    Travelling to other Area's/Attractions

    Disney does everything they can to keep you on property, so won't offer transit to those other venues. There are plain old cabs run by Mears (and maybe others) see here -> https://www.mearstransportation.com/taxi-services/taxi-fare-estimator/ for their estimator. You can also use the Lynx...
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