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  1. eliza61nyc

    Honeypot: Complaints about the Skyliner/Gondola

    Sorry to answer your question with a question but how long is the ride going to be from say the Riveria resort to Epcot?? I mean you have all those same considerations on the monorails, which IMO are not the greatest with the a/c or removing smells. unfortunately the gondolas are not a cure...
  2. eliza61nyc


    Another agree that your research is flawed. I got 3 adult, nonstop r/t tickets on American for 900 bucks. No sure how you are coming up with over 3 grand. Most people fly the wanna get away fares that's why they sell out quickly. Heck, I found r/t out of Philadelphia for 163 pp, although...
  3. eliza61nyc

    Honeypot: Complaints about the Skyliner/Gondola

    Actually I enjoy the complaints. First, I admire some of the creativity, no way would I even remotely thought of being cooked to death or plunging to my death in some of the fashions mentioned from a ride Lol. I always to sing the Train song "50 ways to say goodbye "
  4. eliza61nyc

    Galaxys Edge "camping out"

    ??? you mean unless you have a reservation for the ride you can't visit HS at all?? not that I would want too. lol
  5. eliza61nyc

    Galaxys Edge "camping out"

    people are going to camp out regardless to whether Disney wants them or not. maybe not on site but they'll be somewhere. crazy fans have been doing it since forever. every time apple announces something they camp out. they were in front of movie theaters all over town for the new Avengers...
  6. eliza61nyc

    Average Park Days For One Week WDW Visit

    We generally go to the world late August, early September when it's nuclear, surface of the sun hot so no way could we do all day parks. One of the reasons why we get Park hoppers. As a general rule we do 5-6 hours in am park, head back to the resort and end the night at a different park...
  7. eliza61nyc

    News TEA/AECOM 2018 Theme Index Released

    And as more of the "old timers" die off it will become less and less important. One of the pit falls of "nostalgia"
  8. eliza61nyc

    What’s Your Favorite Fun Park After Disney ❓

    ;) only one I can think of
  9. eliza61nyc

    Resort Pictures of the Day

  10. eliza61nyc

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

  11. eliza61nyc

    What will happen when the Skyliner breaks down?

    I think it might fall under "beating a dead horse" category. threads tend to have a "life span", after a while, (lol I find it's after the 10th page) the topic has cease to be informative or even a discussion. We really have beat the topic of the bad gondolas to death. time for it to be...
  12. eliza61nyc

    Anyone here a performer at WDW?

    My niece is a performer in NYC, :p like every actress/dancer/singer waiting for her big break. anyhoo she sent me a text saying WDW is having an open call for performers in a few weeks and wanted to know what I thought. says starting pay is $17.34 with benefits.
  13. eliza61nyc

    Pirates Effects

    lol, well you've definitely found the right site for that.
  14. eliza61nyc

    POFQ sadly over

    Hope you are on the mend @John park hopper , sounds like your family had a great time. Outside of the popular rides how were the crowds? I've never stayed at Port Orleans but many on my job have and they love it.
  15. eliza61nyc

    Magical Moments?

    lol, my full on 20 something "millennial" still love the mouseworld. Anyhoo, can you let them take the "lead" on some planning. I opened up some suggestions to my minions and I think it put back a lot of the interest in the world. We did splurge and take a illuminations cruise, it was a...
  16. eliza61nyc

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    So full disclosure, I'm pretty new to photography, my wonderful minions gave me a dslr for mothers day 2 years ago. Anyhoo, thanks to the wonderful cm at animal kingdom's Gorilla falls exploration trail who gave me tips and made me take this picture. lol I doubt if I could have set up such a...
  17. eliza61nyc

    Best place to get a steak.

    lol totally ot @Lensman . Last thanksgiving I'm at Whole foods and they are selling Wagyu Kobe beef steaks which supposedly are the king of the steak world. 100 bucks a pound. o_O I told the counter guy just what you said, that I've made some humongous boo-boos with steaks. He claim there...
  18. eliza61nyc

    Best place to get a steak.

    Never been a Le Cellier fan, I love Shula's and the Boathouse. The Boathouse was an all around great meal. every one in our party loved their food.
  19. eliza61nyc

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    Yep, it's friday.
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