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  1. Skibum1970

    Renting DVC points

    Well said and explained. I would only add that we stayed at Old Key West last November for four nights and the overall cost was $175/night ($700 total). So, a deluxe resort for less than a moderate which was really nice. Only thing is that they have to find a match of available points that...
  2. Skibum1970

    2019 Christmas Trip

    I like this approach and was something I was thinking about. Basically, just setting up FP+ for the days that we are there and then not really focusing on trying to ride a whole lot. It would really be just fun to get away with winter starting to move in (although December is usually not bad...
  3. Skibum1970

    2019 Christmas Trip

    Thank you very much.
  4. Skibum1970

    2019 Christmas Trip

    I am starting to plan a trip to WDW for the week of Christmas. I get that it will be packed and might use the trip more to refresh myself and my wife. I have a question about what is open. Up here in the almost north, everything is closed on Christmas Day. So, my question is this. What...
  5. Skibum1970

    Would You Sacrafice BTMRR for Grizzly Mountain?

    While Big Grizzly Mtn looks like a lot of fun, I wouldn't trade out BTMRR for it. Big Thunder is classic and fun. Out of control and enjoyable. If anything, add a western expansion section to Animal Kingdom and throw it in there (although it is kind of similar to Expedition Everest).
  6. Skibum1970

    If you could sit in one spot...

    This. Only change for us is that we sit down by the waterside in the chairs by the new outdoor restaurant. The sounds of the lake and the sound of the boats are truly a "happiness" track or "most relaxing track". I also do this over at the Contemporary, out by the marina. Sunshine and by...
  7. Skibum1970

    Help - I'm Spoiled!!

    Another catch is that you have to stay at one of the good neighbor hotels to take advantage of the FP+ selections prior to your trip. And factor in the cost to park at the parks. However, I will agree that having a car provides more flexibility than the Disney buses.
  8. Skibum1970

    Help - I'm Spoiled!!

    Another alternative is to use Dave's DVC Rental as that can be much less expensive. I've not stayed at the value resorts but love the Port Orleans resorts.
  9. Skibum1970

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** The Princess 10K (and other adventures) !

    When we went in November, our Express back to the airport was at 3:00 PM. Since we still had one day left on our tickets, we headed to MK to say goodbye. Our last ride was Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a great send-off. I felt a little bad because we parked at the Contemporary (stayed at...
  10. Skibum1970

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** The Princess 10K (and other adventures) !

    Excellent pictures. I could use several as screen shots, especially those of Wilderness Lodge. It is one of the most photogenic resorts at Disney, in my opinion. Thank you for posting all of them and looking forward to the remainder.
  11. Skibum1970

    International Day of Happiness-March 20

    thank you very much!! Sadly, my skiing days are behind me. My thoughtful wife was sure that I was more Goofy than Mickey and that I was going to hit a tree or hurt myself as the years wore on. So, I have retired. However, I've used this nickname for so long that I can't let it go.
  12. Skibum1970

    International Day of Happiness-March 20

    It also happens to be my birthday and so I get a double-dose of happy. Good times.
  13. Skibum1970

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney's Hollywood Studios opening date

    Did I understand it correctly that you have to make reservations to even get into SWL or was that for Disneyland only? I think that it was talking about the first four weeks. I wonder if that is to help with the flood of crowds and to give them more time to get RoTR open. Probably not the...
  14. Skibum1970

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    It would be best case scenario to have it open in June to spread out the FP+ bookings and to help with July 4th crowds.
  15. Skibum1970

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    So, just over a year away for this to open. While I would have preferred some other countries to get rides (ex. Italy or Germany boat rides), I am still happy that this is coming. The ride looks like a lot of fun. I just hope that they continue adding more but I doubt it. Especially when it...
  16. Skibum1970

    Port Orleans French Quarter-Get me MORE excited!!!

    We stayed there a year ago. The rooms were updated and were well appointed. Clean and fresh. The room was also very quiet and we didn't have any issues with noise at all. While we love PORS, POFQ has a more cozy feel. While it is plenty big, the resort isn't as spread out as PORS. Plus, we...
  17. Skibum1970

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    You're not supposed to notice that. Stay onsite, make FP+ selections 60 days out, be able to do less for more. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
  18. Skibum1970

    Port Orleans Riverside - Get me excited!

    Great. Now I want to schedule a trip and I've stayed there a few times. It is a great resort. Great for walking, relaxing, eating, and transportation was always easy for us. PORS and WL both have the true feel of "Welcome home". Except without the lows in the teens next week that Ohio is...
  19. Skibum1970

    Old Key West Help

    That is what we found out. Having a car negated any of the perceived shortcomings of OKW. Plus, it made it easy for me to get to/from a grocery store as well as some offsite dining. We tried to not eat onsite too much due to cost and the fact that the food didn't really agree with us.
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