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    What will happen when the Skyliner breaks down?

    AS opposed to What? Almost all messageboards/forums on The Internet are privately owned.
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    Soarin' Over Cali returns to DCA...why not us??

    Cali has a Much more coherent story. I will go Into more detail but World is a mess.
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    Coronado Springs vs Pop Century

    Why would you need to rent a Car? ITS right across The Street from Disney Springs and The bus Runs every 30 minutes
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    Coronado Springs vs Pop Century

    The Coronado tower is an unsightly blemish on the landscape. Have you considered Hilton Palace Lake Buena Vista right across from Disney Springs. It's a resort with hotel level rooms not motel rooms.
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    Which value resort would you choose/suggest?

    I think when the Skyliner is there it's worth it. Pop is a slight upgrade over the All Stars. However for Pop, I don't like the way the murphy bed for the extra bed is built into the wall. It looks weird and cheap when not being utilized. The problem right now is there are alot less buses...
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    Best Resort Room for Family of 5?!

    In theory on property is closer. But that is really Determined by what park you want to go to. Some of the offsite on West Irlo are just as close if not closer to AK than most of The Disney Resorts and Even The All Stars. DoubleTree is close to Disney Springs (10 minute walk or resort shuttle...
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    Best Resort Room for Family of 5?!

    Double tree Disney Springs. Those are all suites so if someone sleeps on sofa in 2nd room you are fine. Comes with Disney 60 day fp, extra extra magic hours and shuttle Parking is an extra $15 bucks or so. And 10 dollar resort fee
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    Disney's Animal Kingdom vs. Disney California Adventure

    Revisionist history. AK was the same way. That park had nothing and they slowly added rides/IP.
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    Love bugs in WDW

    Hulk Smash!
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    Frontier -- Grrrr

    Frontier is awesome!
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    Star Wars Land Demand vs Capacity

    ITS like Jurrasic park. Mediocre story and action but The technology Carries IT at The time. Put IT this way, at The time IT was great to watch in The Theater but mediocre to watch on TV.
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    Marvel vs Star Wars: The Tale of Two Different Ways Disney Implements Properties

    Are you saying The land/rides will be a flop or that IT will just have overcrowding issue?
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    Love Bugs (Local Tips)

    And then i stomped on them. You snooze you lose.
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    Marvel vs Star Wars: The Tale of Two Different Ways Disney Implements Properties

    Universal has zero incentive to hjelp out Disney. Even keeping The IP by having one ride for Marval and Simpsons is worth it just to block Disney.
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    How much 'disruption' will Galaxy's Edge cause with regards to Orlando in general?

    I Doubt anyone Is really going to be Happy only visiting Launch Bay, 1980s Technology Star Tours or space mountain. What will they tell their friends when they Get back.
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