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  1. AGDLillyBelle

    Small World figure missing?

    Never mind the Yeti...I'd be glad to see the poor hippo's eye working properly...
  2. AGDLillyBelle

    Pets and Disney

    Our puppy is Lilly Belle!
  3. AGDLillyBelle

    Major Storm Damage at USO

    I'm in Grant. We're on spring break, but it would have been a snow day! It's been a mess since about five yesterday.
  4. AGDLillyBelle

    Major Storm Damage at USO

    I'm from the eastern panhandle, too!
  5. AGDLillyBelle

    iTunes best Disney theme park or Disney album on iTunes

    I just typed Disney and went through all the albums.
  6. AGDLillyBelle

    iTunes best Disney theme park or Disney album on iTunes

    The Wishes soundtrack is on iTunes.
  7. AGDLillyBelle

    Favorite souvenir $30 and under

    I just got a Mickey and a Minnie toy from there!
  8. AGDLillyBelle

    Misunderstanding of things as a child.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures really did me in when I was four. I didn't ride it again until I was 29, and only because I knew it would be my last chance!
  9. AGDLillyBelle


    It sounds like my upcoming trip will be my last chance to get good shots of my favorite parade. I'm still new to the DSLR and manual world, so any tips on good shots? Thanks!
  10. AGDLillyBelle

    Roll call for MVMCP 2012

    December 6! Finally ordered our tickets!
  11. AGDLillyBelle

    Disney At Christmas.

    I got the Mickey lights! Taking those and my homemade Mickey wreath to WDW in December to decorate our room window!
  12. AGDLillyBelle

    You know you're a pixie dust addict when...

    Haha yup, know that feeling! Like a lot of folks on here, I'm the person friends come to for Disney info! Love it! Share the magic! :)
  13. AGDLillyBelle

    The Disneymooners...My Fantasy-tastic Disney Honeymoon!

    Congrats! We loved our disneymoon in April, hope you had a great trip! And another thumbs up for the shoes!
  14. AGDLillyBelle

    "You sir, are very kind." - An August Birthday TR

    Love the TR! We usually fly out of Dulles, too, but this time we got a good deal at Reagan and I'm nervous of the traffic! I turned 30 this year too, yay for EPCOT babies!
  15. AGDLillyBelle

    Shookie Hates Walt Disney World

    Aw, my dad has the same shirt, it's precious! Great TR! We have a lot of the same ADRs for our December trip, can't wait!
  16. AGDLillyBelle

    Disney Buying LucasFilm! WHOA

    I agree with you on the longevity of the Potter franchise, but The Casual Vacancy is horrible. The critics definitely got it right on that one. It only sold because everyone was hoping to recapture some Potter magic.
  17. AGDLillyBelle

    Wait while I take a picture, I cant eat any more, NO KIDS! Sept 2012 Trip Report

    Love your TR! My husband and I are trying to practice with our new Nikon for our December trip! Hopefully we can get some shots even half as good as yours! Thanks for sharing!
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