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  1. PrincessNelly_NJ

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    Honestly, as someone who has been in her shoes... I wouldn't let online trolls ruin the excitement over my child. I would absolutely continue to post my child and not think twice about it. She shouldn't hide something she's excited about because grown @$$ adults can't move on and get a life. The...
  2. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Is everything in Satuli Canteen in Avatar land spicy?

    We have the chicken & steak bowls.. neither were spicy.
  3. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Old Key West vs 2 Rooms at Port Orleans French Quarter

    You wont be able to cancel and rebook with free dining if you rent DVC points for OKW. Generally transportation from OKW will take no longer since it is a resort with multiple bus stops. FQ has only one. I would presonally book OKW and enjoy the extra space. Check out touring plans room finder...
  4. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Three hotels in 8 days. Are we dumb?

    We love split stays... The more the merrier!
  5. PrincessNelly_NJ

    AKL refurb -- rooms?

    these are definitely standard AKL rooms not DVC.
  6. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Port Orleans French Quarter-Get me MORE excited!!!

    It's simply the best moderate... It's one of the best resorts imo period.
  7. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Port Orleans French Quarter-Get me MORE excited!!!

    Yes, but the food service stops around 11pm/Midnight.
  8. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I can't recall and didn't see it mentioned in the first few pages. Is the layout of galaxy's edge at WDW & DL any different?
  9. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Split Stay Information

    As long as your parents link you under family & friends and make sure you are listed on the Poly reservation, you should have any issues.
  10. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Prices for a family of four

    So our numbers are slightly off because it often just the two of us. We stayed for 12 nights - split stays between a 1 Bedroom at BCV and garden view room at FQ, ate mostly signature meals, did the Xmas party, took 3 minnie vans, attended the PG Dessert party, and had 5 day tickets plus 1 day at...
  11. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Trip Report The GRAND Birthday! *COMPLETED*

    Thank you. Happy Birthday to you!
  12. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Trip Report The GRAND Birthday! *COMPLETED*

    All in! Tell your mother and fellow Aquarius... the best people are born on Feb 1st! :angelic:;)
  13. PrincessNelly_NJ

    What's your "go to", "cannot miss" meal at the world.

    Breakfast at Boma and Dinner at Yachtsman.
  14. PrincessNelly_NJ

    News Super Bowl Player of the Game Celebration Parade 2019

    As an Eagles fan, it was sweet victory to beat the Patriots last year. I thoroughly appreciate Tom Brady's skills but seeing the same team every year just gets old. It takes the fun out of football when you already know who is going to the big game. Its the same problem that the NBA had. But...
  15. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Riviera Resort Info

    Looks like Dec 16th is the first day available for cash bookings https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/resorts/riviera-resort/rates-rooms/room-only/?fbclid=IwAR2kyo8Lhx0wu63FNrFQdTX2VMKhCO5Cgvs-VR0Fu4zMlvE_uRUqrSSfKVo
  16. PrincessNelly_NJ

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    I'm confused... They make a living showcasing things to do in Orlando. Lots of those things will be events for families or small children. You don't have to have children to participate. Not all of us have the luxury of being able to have children but we can still enjoy things. Tim & Jenn are...
  17. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Dessert party confusion

    There are 3 versions... in addition to the two you name, the third is the option to have an assigned seat at the tomorrowland terrace & remain at that seat throughout the fireworks. This option is on the lower/left hand side of check in at the dessert party entrance. The plaza viewing guest are...
  18. PrincessNelly_NJ

    Park hours 180 days out?

    You can see them. Go to my itinerary and add your park days, then you can see the hours in advance.
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