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  1. wombat

    Heat and humidity tips

    Take a small towel with you and wet it as often as possible, then place it on the back of your neck. The evaporation will help to cool you down. Keep it wet with water from drinking fountains/restrooms or a bottle of water
  2. wombat

    Thoughts on "holding" quick service tables?

    I'll scout one out and hold it while my husband is ordering food. is exactly what is causing the problem in the first place. People sitting at tables with no food while another family member stands in line waiting to be served
  3. wombat

    Thoughts on "holding" quick service tables?

    Unless you have a member of your party that cannot stand while you are waiting to be served then you should not occupy a table. If somebody is in a wheelchair, then there should be no problem in them waiting for the rest of the party before finding a table. Common Courtesy realy
  4. wombat

    So why weren't there many strollers back in the day?

    And get up 4 hours before we went to bed
  5. wombat

    So why weren't there many strollers back in the day?

    Google 'Monty Python the 4 Yorkshire Men sketch' to learn about real hardship
  6. wombat

    Is this really a service dog?

    Should be an emotional support Mickey
  7. wombat

    Do men NEVER stand up for women anymore??

    I think that in the politically correct environment we are in now, If you do give your seat up, you are dammed by people saying that women should be treated equally to men and dammed by those with an opposite view. As for veterans, you should always offer your seat
  8. wombat

    yacht club garden or woods view

    Just my opinion but I suppose it depends on how much time you want to spend in your hotel room rather than being out enjoying your holiday. I don't bother about views from the rooms as I only want to use the room to sleep and shower.
  9. wombat

    How to swap wives on select Disney rides?

    Just how many seconds do you think that peace and harmony will last on this trip?
  10. wombat

    Refilllable Resort Mugs

    Short but sweet answer
  11. wombat

    Pop Century Thoughts/ Preferred Rooms

    I stayed there a few years ago in the 60s buildings in a room on the top floor facing away from the swimming pool. I thought it was very quiet and had no problems. Transport is no problem if you are driving but I had no issues on the few occasions I used the Disney transportation.
  12. wombat


    The wftv website must be the crappiest website I have ever seen. a couple of lines of news and then nothing but adverts
  13. wombat

    What are the best bathrooms at each park?

    Have a nice time in the bathrooms do you?
  14. wombat

    ESTA help !!!!!!!

    Get the passport updated, you don't want to get to the airport and be refused entry
  15. wombat

    Good resorts

    in order. 1. Pop Century, Cheap and cheerful but as I only want to shower and sleep at a hotel it worked for me 2. All Star Music, Pretty good like the Pop Century 3. Beach Club, Very nice but I am not sure it is worth paying the extra for what you get 4,. Animal Kingdom, Again very nice but...
  16. wombat

    Yacht Club Room Type?

    Unless you want to spend most of your holiday in one room, there is no point in selecting 'Preferred' options. When on holiday, I only use the room for sleeping and showering
  17. wombat

    Christmas disappointment ....

    You know I had a sneaky feeling that the animals in the Jungle Cruise were not quite right
  18. wombat

    Is Boardwalk Worth It?

    I liked the Beach Club but being an old fogey, I did not like the sand in Stormalong Bay. I found it difficult to walk on
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