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  1. Respo12

    New RunDisney Virtual Run

    What are all the goodies? The challenge says you get a finisher keepsake too. What’s that?
  2. Respo12

    New RunDisney Virtual Run

    So how do the virtual s really work? The June one says complete from 6/1-6/30. When do they mail you the medal? Today, if I register today? On June 1st? On June 30th?
  3. Respo12

    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    Ugh!!! What are the chances Disney gets money hungry and opens 5k & 10k again ??? Lol I missed out again :(
  4. Respo12

    Will they bring back RunDisney Sneakers?

    The new balance Run Disney sneakers were so charming. I think I heard new balance lost the rights or contract expired. Anyone know if they will be back, or even if another brand such as Nike will take over? Thanks!
  5. Respo12

    Contemporary refurb?

    Thank you very much
  6. Respo12

    Contemporary refurb?

    Hey everyone, I can’t seem to find the asnswer, but I thought I remember reading that the contemporary was refurbed within the last year or 2, can anyone confirm? I’m staying in the main tower lake view in April. Will my room be freshly redone? Thanks!
  7. Respo12

    Resort runs?

    Please that would be nice
  8. Respo12

    Resort runs?

    Hey everyone, I saw this morning there is a new $15 dollar 3k resort run at the beach club every Thursday, and comes with a little goodie bag at the end. What other resorts offer these kind of mini runs weekly?
  9. Respo12

    Toy Story AP Previews

    I was lucky enough to get the email and a date for an 8am slot. Based on the avatar event, and how fast these sold out, how many people are getting access for each 1 hour time slot? Any educated guesses?
  10. Respo12

    35% Room only discount?

    I actually got 35% off by becoming an AP and using their discount in feb. staying at AK lodge for $207/n, I think I did pretty well
  11. Respo12

    35% Room only discount?

  12. Respo12

    35% Room only discount?

    Anyone know what the AP discount is? I'm thinking of buying a AP this year, but wondering what the room rate would be prior to purchasing.
  13. Respo12

    35% Room only discount?

    Hey guys, disney has a 25% room only offer now which requires booking by 12/21, and is for stays between 1/1/17-4/8/17. Going by past patterns, will they announce another, possibly better (35%) discount on 12/22? I'm planning my trip for february btw. Thanks in advance!
  14. Respo12

    Yacht and Beach Club

    anybody have any pics of the refurb rooms at BC? Im staying there at the end of february, I will request a refurb room, since the last few times I stayed there it was very run down for their standards.
  15. Respo12

    BWI, BC, or YC?

    I have always stayed at BC as opposed to YC for the simple reason that I don't feel like dealing with the snooty people and nasty looks me and my wife get from the residents there. I am in my mid 20s and Its mostly older people who give me the impression that they are saying in their...
  16. Respo12

    Reservation question?

    hey all, I have a quick question, I booked my trip and received my magic bands in the mail already...but something came up and I am now flying in one day later then originally. So i called up and took the first night off of my reservation. Now will this affect my magic bands, etc? will I have to...
  17. Respo12

    National Rental car?

    Hey all, has anyone noticed an absurd increase in price for national rental cars? Im an emerald club member of course, and have booked with them for the past 4 years. each year it has gone up slightly, but not enough to push me away... this year they want $417 for the week of 2/2-2/8...Thats...
  18. Respo12

    Watch Super bowl in Club level lounge?

    Hey everyone, I will be heading to the Beach club on february 2, and I would like to catch the super bowl that night. Can anyone speak from personal experience on where is a great place to catch the game? We are staying in the club level, so do they do anything special in the lounge for the...
  19. Respo12

    What time is the Super Bowl MVP parade at MK??

    hello, everyone, I am going to be at disney during the super bowl week, and was wondering if anyone knew the time of the MVP parade down main street? and how crowded etc does it get?
  20. Respo12

    Do you need to book park tickets to receive Magic bands in the mail?

    ok so i just booked my room, if i order and customize the bands, and then buy tickets in the next couple of weeks, can they connect the tickets to the bands i order from the room?
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