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  1. MrMcDuck

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    His roadtrip videos are really good. I grew up in the southwest and spent a lot of time on those roads and he'll show stuff I never knew was there.
  2. MrMcDuck

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    It's really getting absurd. Jenn regularly appears on the vlogs (and has been there from literally the very beginning*), she's on the banner/logo, and she spends hours editing. It may be a channel he started, but the channel would not be what it is today without her role. *And I do mean...
  3. MrMcDuck

    Why are some people snobby and poke fun at people who vacation at Disney?

    I admit that maybe I'm a bit of a snob in that I have a hard time understanding why some never want to do anything other than go to WDW, but I wouldn't make fun of someone for it. In my mind, a hike through part of the American Southwest, a night enjoying the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, and an evening...
  4. MrMcDuck

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    And, with regard to the Trackers, this thread is starting to get as bad as that other site. Yeah, she acts up on Twitter, but some people are taking the psychoanalysis way too far. Thank goodness for ignore.
  5. MrMcDuck

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    Yep. Justin's videos are far more informative and interesting than that of many other Disney vloggers, but his goofy shtick gets old quick.
  6. MrMcDuck

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    The Trackers are not my favorite Disney vloggers for several reasons (they do little research, no deep knowledge of Disney history, average palates, etc.), but it's obvious that some of the "haters" are simply jealous that they make decent money from walking around and eating at Disney every...
  7. MrMcDuck

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    I'm not too surprised that they've had unwanted house visitors. Unfortunately, when you have as many subscribers as they do (over 600k now), it's likely that a few of them will be weirdos that don't get the fact that they don't personally know the Trackers and that the only appropriate place...
  8. MrMcDuck

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    There is a massive message board (that shall remain nameless) where people go to say negative things about tons of online personalities that has a section for Tim and Jenn. After seeing that, nothing surprises me when it comes to people taking things way too seriously and going after people for...
  9. MrMcDuck

    Question for Insiders: Why not monetize yourselves?

    An insider can make a post here and there as info comes in and then not worry about it and spend the rest of his time doing whatever. But a proper YouTube channel that relies on Patreon donations and sponsors and such is more like a job. The insider would either be expected to regularly provide...
  10. MrMcDuck

    Sonic the Hedgehog trailer released

    Terrible. Simply terrible.
  11. MrMcDuck

    Should Disney make a donation for the rebuilding of the Notre Dame Cathedral?

    It's a nice idea, especially because Disneyland Paris and The Hunchback of Notre Dame exist. Several french billionaires and a number of french businesses have already pledged what at last count totaled 700 million. Disney could certainly contribute at least a few million.
  12. MrMcDuck

    Why doesn't WDW put extinct rides in Disney Springs or Boardwalk?

    They won't do this, but if they did, they would certainly charge for it. They could easily get away with asking $10/ride.
  13. MrMcDuck

    Walt Disney World Dog Name

    Not a park reference, but how about Midnight? Fits his all black appearance and goes with the Cinderella-based name you gave your first dog.
  14. MrMcDuck

    Does Disney force high-profile guests/celebrities to use guides when they come to the parks?

    Right. I don't think it's ever technically forced. But the biggest names are usually going to want it. It's not really possible for them to have a normal day out, so why not go for instant ride access? Most celebs are not at that level and won't be mobbed even if they are recognized by some...
  15. MrMcDuck

    Does Disney force high-profile guests/celebrities to use guides when they come to the parks?

    The biggest names are going to have plaids and receive ride/backstage access that is a step above the private VIP tour that you can pay for because all it takes when trying to go incognito is for one person to recognize them and go, "OMG, it's ____!" and then there's a traffic flow issue. Even...
  16. MrMcDuck

    For fun, Disney character alphabet game (Ok parks allowed too)

    Since someone said that Ohana can be considered an attraction, I guess my answer will be.. Bocuse's new crêperie! :devilish: But seriously, Basil of Baker Street.
  17. MrMcDuck

    Jussie Smollett must not return to work for Disney/Fox.

    What he did was awful and he should not be welcomed back anytime soon. It must be nice to be a celebrity.
  18. MrMcDuck

    Are you a WDW loyalist or another type?

    I am a classic Disney fan first and foremost, so it's not Land vs. World for me. I enjoy every Disney park for what it has to offer. I do like amusements other than Disney as well, so I've been to Universal, Sea World, Busch, Knott's Berry, several Six Flags, Dollywood, etc. Often, but not...
  19. MrMcDuck

    Disney March Madness 2019 Round 1: Pirates of the Carribean (Disneyland) vs Radiator Springs Racers (California Adventure)

    Two of the best rides in Disney history going up against each other in round one? Dang. I voted POTC, but it was a tough decision.
  20. MrMcDuck

    TimTracker or JustinScarred

    Of course it's a form of compensation. But I was responding to a specific post that suggested that Tim and Jenn must be getting a decent amount from Disney and wondered what their arrangement was. What I meant was that they don't get paid $$$ in general from Disney for doing their day-to-day...
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